We’re ending our partnership with Argos after over 10 years. This means that our energyplus Argos Standard tariff is coming to an end.

Customers on our energyplus Argos Standard tariff received credit each quarter to spend at Argos. They could also get discounts when topping up their Argos gift cards. But after reviewing the tariff, we found that very few customers were spending their credits. So we've decided to close the scheme as most customers weren't benefitting from it.

You'll have until 30 June 2020 to spend any SSE credit you've built up, so don't forget to use it.

Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for me?

We'll write to you to let your know when your tariff will change. You'll no longer receive your quarterly credits or be able to top up your gift card with additional credit from the date on your letter. Although the credits and top-up discounts will end on 31 January 2020, your tariff name will stay the same until 1 April 2020. After this date, you'll see it as “Standard” on your bills. The good news is, the price you pay for your energy won’t change because of this. You’ll still be on our Standard tariff, which means your energy prices can go up or down. As there's no tie-in, you can change tariff or supplier at any time.

Will my prices change?

No, the price you pay for your energy won’t change as a result of this. We have other tariffs that might better suit your needs, so take a look at our other tariffs.

When will I receive my last credit?

You'll receive your last credit in March 2020.

Are there any other benefits I can access through an energy tariff?

Yes, we have a variety of other energy tariffs, including ones that come with broadband and boiler cover. You can view all our available tariffs online. If you switch to another tariff or supplier, you'll still be able to spend your points at Argos until 30 June 2020.

Can I speak to somebody about my options?

Yes, you can review your tariff online. If you want to find out your Argos points balance, log in to your energyplus Argos account or call Argos on 0345 640 0881.

Will I see a change on my bill?

The only change you’ll see on your bill is the name of your tariff. That will change from “energyplus Argos Standard” to "Standard" from 1 April 2020. We'll also write to you nearer the time to remind you of this change.

How do I know how much credit I have?

You can check your balance by logging in to your energyplus Argos account.

I've checked my balance but I don't think it's correct. How do I check?

You can call Argos on 0345 640 0881. They can review your account and confirm your balance.

I've lost my card. How do I spend my points?

You can order a new card by logging in to your energyplus Argos account or you can call Argos on 0345 640 0881. They can arrange for a new card to be sent to you.

The personal details on my card are incorrect. How do I change them?

You can call Argos on 0345 640 0881. They can update your details for you.

I can't get through to Argos. How do I contact them?

Argos is likely to be experiencing high call volumes at the moment, so please keep trying. You call them on 0345 640 0881 or contact Argos online.

Can I spend my credit elsewhere?

No. You can only spend your Argos credit online or in store at Argos.

I don't shop in Argos. Can I have the cash or can you just put the money on my account?

Unfortunately, we can't do this. You'll need to spend your points by 30 June 2020.

What if I don't spend all my points by 30 June 2020?

You'll lose any credit you haven't spent after this date, so don't forget to use it. For any additional cash top-ups that you've made, you still have two years to spend them.