If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news lately, you’ll know that the energy industry is facing challenges – in fact it’s headline news. That’s why our focus this week has been to reassure SSE Energy Services customers that their supply is perfectly safe and sound.

Here, we explore what’s driving the issue and what it means for our customers.

The main problem is that wholesale gas prices have rocketed

This is due to a combination of factors, some of which you can read about in this article on the gov.uk website. We've outlined the main ones below:

  • Global economies are ramping up again after the lifting of Covid-19, driving up the demand for gas
  • A slowdown in wind energy has caused the UK to fall back on electricity generated by power plants, some of which burn gas
  • The UK has relatively low levels of gas storage capacity, and these were also depleted during a cold spring earlier this year

It’s fair to say that this is an unusual time for the UK industry, and it’s not surprising that some people are worried about it.

SSE Energy Services is in a strong position because we buy most of our energy in advance

Every energy supplier has a different way, when it comes to buying their energy. At SSE Energy Services, we buy most of our energy in advance. This means we have a good idea about how many homes we’ll supply – and how much energy they’ll use. It’s impossible to predict exactly how much energy we’ll need to supply at any given moment, so we buy extra energy closer to the time, if we need it.

Think about it like buying oranges. We might know for certain that we need to buy five oranges for lunch. But if later we find out a couple more people are joining us, we’ll go out and buy another two.

The fact that we operate this way means that we’ve already secured lots of the energy we need for the coming months. And while we’ll be paying more for the extra energy we need, we won’t be affected like suppliers who don’t buy in advance like we do.

This means our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them this winter.

If you have a fixed-price energy tariff with SSE Energy Services, there won’t be any changes to your energy prices before your contract ends. And if you’re on a variable energy tariff, you won’t pay more than the new government price cap – which comes into effect on 1 October 2021. We’ll already have been in touch about the price cap change, if it affects you.

We’re working hard with both the government and Ofgem to help find solutions for issues within the UK energy market. We’ll keep you updated if there’s anything you need to know about.

We’ll do everything we can to support those in need

We know the last 18 months have been particularly difficult for many. Our team is specially trained to help anyone worried about paying their bills this winter. There are lots of ways we can help.

The Ofgem website outlines helpful resources too. And the following organisations offer brilliant support if you need help with energy-efficiency and bills.

Saving energy is one way to help lower bills

Saving energy will help get bills under control so it’s always a good idea. That’s why we’ve put together lots of energy-saving tips. Doing things like bleeding your radiators, turning your thermostat down by 1C, and switching things off at the wall all adds up.

Smart meters also show your energy use in pounds and pence, helping you spot more ways to save energy. They also make your bills more accurate, so you can be confident you’re only paying for the energy you use. Interested in booking a smart meter appointment? Or you can find out more about smart meters.

Saving energy cuts carbon emissions, so we’ll be doing our bit for the planet too. And it will help reduce pressure on the UK’s energy supply.

We understand that the news about the energy market can feel unsettling. Lots of people are calling right now because of this, and it might take us a little longer to answer. We’ve put together these questions and answers to reassure you, in case you’ve got any questions or worries. The main thing to remember is: we’re here to help keep you cosy this winter, as always.