What has changed

There's been a change to the SSE Group company you contract with. Effective 1 April 2018, all domestic customers who were previously supplied by SSE Energy Supply Limited will now be supplied by SSE Electricity Limited for electricity and SSE Retail Telecoms for Telephone and broadband. These companies are both part of the SSE Group.

There have been no other changes to your terms and conditions or the way your energy and telecoms services are supplied. Our domestic gas customers remain supplied by Southern Electric Gas Limited.

The data we held in SSE Energy Supply Limited will also transfer to SSE Electricity Limited for our electricity customers and to SSE Retail Telecoms Limited for our Talk and Broadband customers. To find out more about how we use the information we collect about you, you can read more here.

For further information on your terms and conditions, please follow this link for Electricity and Gas, this link for Talk and Broadband and this link for Broadband.