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It's free to register and simple to use. Top up anytime, anywhere straight from your smart phone.

Securely save your payment details to your account and you'll be able to top up your smart Pay As You Go meter in seconds. No more worrying about lost top-up cards.

Not smart? Find out how to top up your Pay As You Go meter.

Smart phone screens showing the SSE Top-Up app

How to top up using the app

You can do a guest payment, register for an account or log in. It's quicker if you log in. To get you started, here's how you do a guest payment:

  1. From the app landing screen select, “Top Up Now”.

  2. Select your fuel type (Electricity or Gas).

  3. Enter the last 19 digits of your Smart Pay As You Go card number. Entering your mobile number and/or email address is optional. Then select “Next”.

  4. Select a top-up amount of “£10”, “£15”, “£20” or “Other”.

  5. If you select “Other” you can enter your own amount of between “£5” and “£175”.

  6. Enter your card details. Then select “Review”.

  7. You will see a pop-up showing the “Payment amount”.

  8. Select “Pay now” if you are happy with your selection or “Cancel” to select a new amount.

  9. If top-up has been successful you should see a screen with a message that starts “You have successfully credited your…” followed by your account details and the top-up amount.

  10. Select “Finish” to complete the transaction. A pop-up will remind you to note down any confirmation codes as you’re completing a guest payment and these details won’t be stored.

Still need to upgrade to a smart meter?