“What's happened?”

In January 2020, SSE Energy Services (what was SSE plc's domestic retail business for Great Britain) became a part of the OVO family. At SSE Energy Services, we continue to provide phone and broadband offers and home services (boiler and heating cover), as well as our energy tariffs, and Bundles that combine these offerings.

In joining the OVO family, we sit alongside sibling energy companies OVO Energy and Boost. You can also read questions and answers at OVO Energy's question and answer page.

“Do I need to do anything?”

No, you don't need to do anything. For now, it's business as usual and we'll let you know if anything is set to change.

"Does this change the products I can buy?"

We're continuing to sell our broad range of SSE Energy Services products.

"What benefits will I see?"

By joining the OVO family, SSE Energy Services is in the best possible position to evolve in the way it needs to in the fast-changing energy market. If you're an SSE customer, you still benefit from our award-winning customer service as well as exclusive benefits from SSE Reward, and you can look forward to exciting new products in the future.

"Will the online account I use change?"

Your online SSE account won't change. Please continue to log in with your existing details. If there are any changes to this in the future, we'll be in touch.

"My SSE product/service is coming to an end – can I stay with SSE?"

Yes. You can continue to sign up for SSE-branded products and services.

"Will my Direct Debit details have to change?"

No, you don't need to change anything. The amount you pay and the date you pay it will stay the same. If there are any changes in the future, we'll tell you well in advance.

"I'm moving home – what should I do?"

If you've already made arrangements with us at your new home, then nothing will change as a result of SSE Energy Services becoming part of the OVO family.

If you're moving and haven't sorted out your energy supplier, take a look at our page on moving home.

"Will my bills be different?"

Your online account, and account number will be the same and your bills will continue to be dependent on your usage, just as they were before.

The only difference you'll see is that OVO is sometimes mentioned instead of SSE in the small print. You can see more about this on our “Who we are” page.

If there are going to be any bigger changes that affect you, we'll be in touch.

"I get my communications in Braille – will this continue?"

Yes. All our services remain in place, so if you currently receive your communications in Braille, this will continue as before.

"I get my communications in large print – will this continue?"

Yes. All our services remain in place, so if you currently receive your communications in large print, this will continue as before.

"Can I still sign up for an SSE product as a new customer?"

Yes. We're still selling and managing our products as before.

"I'm an SSE shareholder. What will happen to my shares?"

Your shares remain unchanged within the SSE Group. You can check the SSE Group website for more information on this.

"How can I make a complaint?"

Obviously, we hope you won't have a need to complain. However, we always value your feedback. You can get in touch by going through our Contact us page.


"Will anything happen to my energy supply?"

No. Your energy supply will continue as normal, and you're still a customer of SSE Energy Services.

"I have a feed-in tariff – will I still receive payment for the energy I generate?"

Yes. If you have a feed-in tariff, this will continue as usual.

"Who will do my meter reading?"

An SSE engineer will read your meter for you as usual.

But remember to stay safe. If someone comes to your door asking to read your meter, always check they are who they say they are – our engineers will have an SSE ID badge with a contact number on the back in case you want to call and check with us.

"I have an electric-only heating specialist tariff. Will this still be supported?"

Yes. If you have a THTC, SHC, Flexiheat, Superdeal or other meter, we'll continue to support this in the usual way. If we make any changes to our services, offers or tariffs, we'll let you know directly.

"I'm on a repayment plan. Will that stay the same?"

Yes. If you're on a repayment plan, that won't change as a result of SSE Energy Services joining the OVO family. We'll continue with your plan as agreed.

"What about Warm Home Discount – will that stay the same?"

Yes. There's no need to worry. If you've already applied to the Warm Home Discount, your application will carry on as normal.

"What about the Benefit Entitlement Check – will that stay the same?"

Yes. There's no need to worry. If you've already applied for the Benefit Entitlement Check, your application will carry on as normal.

"What about the Priority Assistance Fund – will that stay the same?"

Yes. There's no need to worry. If you've already applied for the Priority Assistance Fund, your application will carry on as normal.

"Will my top-up key or card still work? Can I still use PayPoint?"

Yes to both. Please continue topping up as you normally do. You can use the same device and method, whether it's by key or card, or by topping up online.

"Will I still be protected by the Default Tariff Cap or Prepayment Cap?"

Yes. You'll still be an SSE Energy Services customer and will continue to be protected by any caps that apply.

Phone and Broadband

"I'm with SSE for my phone and broadband. What will happen to this?"

Nothing about your phone and broadband account will change. SSE Energy Services will continue to be your phone and broadband supplier, so your contract will be unaffected.

Boilers and Heating

"I'm with SSE for boiler and/or heating cover. What will happen to this?"

You'll be protected until the end of your contract, just as before.

For now, nothing about your boiler or heating cover will change. If there are changes in the future, we'll be in touch.

Smart meters

"I've booked a smart meter appointment – will SSE or OVO install it?"

The engineer who installs your smart meter could be from SSE or OVO. This is because SSE is now part of the OVO family. Our engineers work across both brands so we can give you the best and quickest service.

"I have a SMETS1 meter – will this now lose its smart functionality?"

No. Your meter should continue to operate as it always has.

"Will I need to change my meter to an OVO one?"

No. Nothing about your meter will need to change. You can keep the one you have and it will continue to work as usual. No one will need to come out and change it or remove it.

"I've booked my smart installation. Does this mean I don't need a smart meter now?"

We still recommend everyone get a smart meter. They allow you to see the precise cost of your energy use in pounds and pence.

If you've booked an appointment to have one installed, this means a smart meter will be installed on the date you arranged. We think it's best that you keep the appointment and continue as planned.

More about OVO

"Who are OVO Energy?"

OVO is a group of energy companies with a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to all. OVO is committed to becoming a zero carbon business by 2030, by helping all of its members start their journey towards zero carbon living.

Read more about OVO at the OVO Energy “About” page.

"Will you price-match OVO products?"

For now, our products are separate from OVO's. If you're interested in OVO products and services, you can see them online at OVO Energy's website.

"Can I switch to an OVO product?"

For now, OVO Energy and SSE Energy Services will operate separately. If your current product is coming to an end, or you were on our standard tariff all along, you can switch to any other product.

Here are some options within the OVO family:

Switching to any other provider would happen as it would for any other supplier, and will take around 21 days.

But if you want to stick with the SSE brand, now also part of the OVO family, you can see our tariffs or get a new quote from us too.

"Can I use the OVO app to manage my account?"

The OVO app is for OVO customers only and can't be used to manage your SSE account.

At SSE Energy Services, we have our own My SSE mobile app, which you can download and use to manage your online account right now. If you're already using our mobile app, you can continue using it.

"I have a smart meter appointment booked with SSE – can I switch to OVO now?"

If you want to switch to OVO, you will need to cancel your smart meter appointment with us. You should find a link to cancel in your booking confirmation email from us. After cancelling, you can then start your switch by visiting the OVO Energy website. Switching would take around 21 days, after which OVO will contact you about when they can install a smart meter.

"Will you tell me if OVO is offering a cheaper product?"

We'll continue to advise you on the cheapest SSE branded products for you, whether it's over the phone or in a bill or other communication you might receive from us. You can see the products we currently offer on our energy hub.

For the best-priced OVO products and other offers within the OVO family, you can explore OVO's website and Boost's website.