As part of your smart meter upgrade, you'll also receive your Smart Energy Tracker. In this article, we explain how to set it up to track your electricity and gas usage, and set targets for your household. You'll also find solutions to any issues or queries you might come across.

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Diagram showing how you plug in the mains adaptor in a socket on the bottom of the back of the Smart Energy Tracker

Setting up the Smart Energy Tracker

If you've chosen to have a tracker, our engineer will set it up for you after they've completed your smart meter installation. If we've posted your Smart Energy Tracker, you'll need to follow a few steps to set it up first.

To set up your Smart Energy Tracker:

  • Pop the battery in
  • Plug in the mains adaptor
  • Give us a call on 0345 071 3991 and we'll connect it to your smart meters remotely. It uses a wireless connection, so there are no cables for you to worry about.
Diagram showing the locations of Smart Energy Tracker controls numbered “1” to “6”

Smart Energy Tracker features and controls

  1. Colour display – This shows you information about your energy use, which is taken from your smart meters.
  2. OK button – Press and hold this button to switch on. You can also use it to confirm your choices when you’re scrolling through the menus.
  3. Up, down, back buttons – You can use these buttons to work your way through the different menus.
  4. Usage light – You can see how you’re doing against your energy use targets through the usage light. It glows green, amber or red to let you know whether you’re on track.
  5. Battery cover – You can remove the cover if you need to replace the battery.
  6. Charging point – You’ll get a USB power adaptor with your Smart Energy Tracker. Plug this in here to charge up the battery.
Play video: Getting to know your Smart Energy Tracker

Getting to know your Smart Energy Tracker

You can get so much more from your smart meters and Smart Energy Tracker with our helpful video guide.

Learn how to:

  • Track energy use in pounds and pence
  • See what you're spending
  • Set targets for your energy usage
  • Monitor your household performance by tracking via the coloured lights

Your Smart Energy Tracker questions answered

Where should I put my Smart Energy Tracker?

Ideally, your tracker should be about two metres from your electricity meter. Just make sure you can keep an eye on it easily, to check how much energy you're using.

How does the Smart Energy Tracker show me my energy use?

Your Smart Energy Tracker will show your current energy use as well as how much you've used that day. You can see what your electricity and gas are costing you in pounds and pence.

Or you can check your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (the unit used to measure your electricity and show your gas use on your bill) as well as the amount of CO2 you're generating.

Why isn't the Smart Energy Tracker picking up the smart meter's signal?

With your Smart Energy Tracker, energy usage information is taken from your smart meters using a wireless signal. If your tracker loses its signal, it could be because it's too far away from your smart electricity meter. Try moving it closer to see if that solves the problem.

Walls, windows and large metal objects can also affect the signal strength so try to make sure there are as few obstructions as possible between your smart energy meter and tracker.

What do I do if my Smart Energy Tracker is frozen or says "searching for meters"?

You might find your tracker freezes and doesn't update your energy use, or shows a ‘Searching for meters’ message.

This could mean it's having trouble connecting to your smart meter.

Try leaving your tracker as close as possible to your smart electricity meter for 24 hours. After that, switch the tracker off and on again. This should solve the problem.

Remember your tracker only takes data from your smart gas meter every 30 minutes. If you think it's not updating, it's worth leaving it for half an hour to see if it changes.

What do I do if my Smart Energy Tracker is making a beeping sound?

There are a few different reasons your tracker will beep. It might be doing this to let you know the battery is low or it has a weak signal.

If you'd like to turn off these alerts, you can find out how on pages 40 and 41 of our Smart Energy Tracker full user guide.

Why are the costs on my Smart Energy Tracker different to my energy bill?

The cost that shows on your Smart Energy Tracker is based on your consumption, but it's for information only. It doesn't include any additions like VAT or Direct Debit discounts you may have on your bill. These are done through our billing system so can't be shown on your tracker.

Don't worry, all the information we use to work out your bill is completely accurate.

How often does my smart meter send information to the Smart Energy Tracker?

Your smart electricity meter sends information to your Smart Energy Tracker every 10 seconds. For your gas smart meter, it's about every 30 minutes.

Who can I contact if I still have problems with my Smart Energy Tracker?

Whether you don't have a Smart Energy Tracker yet, or would like help with any issues you may have, we'll be happy to help.

If your Smart Energy Tracker still isn't working as it should, get in touch with us on 0345 071 3991. We're open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

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