As part of your smart meter upgrade, we'll provide you with a Smart Energy Tracker to help you see how you're using energy and set targets to reduce your energy usage. In this article, we explain how your Smart Energy Tracker works and how it can help you.

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Smart Energy Tracker interface

Introducing the Smart Energy Tracker

When we install your smart meters, we'll also offer you a Smart Energy Tracker if you'd like one. (Some customers that already have smart meters have a handheld device called a Smart Energy Monitor to track their energy usage.)

The Smart Energy Tracker is a handy little device that connects to your smart meters and shows you information about your energy use.

You can also set targets to reduce your energy usage, and see how you're on track with coloured lights on your smart tracker.

The tracker is easy to use. Our engineer will talk you through how to use it after they've completed your smart meter installation.

The Smart Energy Tracker: how it works

With your Smart Energy Tracker, energy usage information is taken regularly from your smart meters. It uses this information to give you details about your energy use.

With your smart tracker, you can move around your home and see how your energy use changes as you switch appliances on and off.

Smart Energy Tracker features and benefits

Your Smart Energy Tracker takes information about your energy use from your smart meters to help you:

  • Eye sign

    See how much you're spending in real time

  • Pound sign

    Find out where you can make savings

  • Dial

    See how you're performing against your targets

  • Question mark

    Track rates of energy usage, in pounds and pence

  • Gas and electricity sign

    Set energy use targets for your household

Your Smart Energy Tracker questions answered

How do I use my Smart Energy Tracker?

You can find out more about getting started with your smart metering kit and Smart Energy Tracker. Download our Smart Energy Tracker quick-start guide, which shows you the controls and how to get up and running with your tracker.

You can also download our Smart Energy Tracker full user guide. It shows you how to set targets and understand and compare your energy usage, as well as how to change settings on your smart tracker.

Does the Smart Energy Tracker take batteries?

The Smart Energy Tracker has a rechargeable battery which you charge with the USB cable supplied. You can find out how on pages eight and nine of our Smart Energy Tracker quick-start guide.

Does the Smart Energy Tracker show individual appliance usage?

No. Our current tracker shows only your total gas and electricity usage. But you can turn appliances on or off around your home and watch how your energy usage changes.

How does the Smart Energy Tracker show me my energy use?

Your Smart Energy Tracker will show your current energy use as well as how much you've used that day. You can see what your electricity and gas are costing you in pounds and pence. Or you can check your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (the unit used to measure your electricity and show your gas use on your bill) as well as the amount of CO2 you're generating.

How often does my smart meter send information to the Smart Energy Tracker?

Your smart electricity meter sends information to your Smart Energy Tracker every ten seconds. For your gas smart meter, it's about every 30 minutes.

How do I find out more about the Smart Energy Tracker?

Whether you already have a Smart Energy Tracker, or just want to find out more about how they work, you can download the Smart Energy Tracker full user guide.

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