If you've already had a gas or electricity smart meter installed, you may already have a Smart Energy Monitor. (We offer our Smart Energy Tracker on current installations.)

Here in this article, we look at how the energy monitors work and how yours can help you monitor electricity and gas usage in your home.

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How does a Smart Energy Monitor work?

With your Smart Energy Monitor, energy usage information is taken regularly from your smart meters. It uses this information to give you details about your energy use, so you can monitor how much you're using and spending.

With your monitor, you can move around your home and see how your energy use changes as you switch appliances on and off.

Smart Energy Monitor

How do I use a Smart Energy Monitor?

To get started and get the most out of your smart meter and Smart Energy Monitor, download the Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

The guide covers lots of useful things and will help you:

  • Start monitoring your energy use
  • See how much you're using and what it's costing you
  • Understand the useful alerts your smart monitor shows you throughout the day
  • Plus much more

Does the Smart Energy Monitor take batteries?

The wireless Smart Energy Monitor takes four AA batteries or you can plug your energy monitor into the mains power using the USB power supply provided.

You find more details on page eight of the Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

Smart Energy Monitor: find the best location for your home

Ideally, your smart monitor should be about two metres from your electricity smart meter. Just make sure you can keep an eye on it easily, so you can monitor your energy usage at home throughout the day.

How often does a smart meter send information to a Smart Energy Monitor?

Your smart electricity meter sends information to your Smart Energy Monitor every ten seconds. For your gas smart meter, it's about every 30 minutes.

How do I find out more about the Smart Energy Monitor?

Whether you need help with your Smart Energy Monitor, or just want to find out more, you can download the Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

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