What is a Smart Energy Monitor?

As part of your smart meter installation, you may have received a Smart Energy Monitor. It's a handy device that can help you understand and monitor your electricity and gas usage in your home.

Is this the same as an Energy Monitor?

This is not to be confused with an Energy Monitor which works in a similar way, but has a clip that attaches to the line going into a credit electricity meter.

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smart energy monitor with digital screen displaying an electricity reading

I think I have a different energy tracking device – can you help?

If you've just had your smart meter installed you'll want to look at our guide to help with your In-Home Display. Some customers that already have smart meters would have been given a Smart Energy Tracker to track their energy usage.

Here, we look at how the Smart Energy Monitor works and how yours can help monitor electricity and gas usage in your home. We also tackle some issues, answer some questions you might have and show where you can get further help.

How does a Smart Energy Monitor work?

With your Smart Energy Monitor, energy usage information is taken regularly from your smart meters. It uses this information to give you details about your energy use, so you can monitor how much you're using and spending.

With it, you can move around your home and see how your energy use changes as you switch appliances on and off.

How do I use a Smart Energy Monitor?

To get started and get the most out of your smart meter and Smart Energy Monitor, download the Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

The guide covers lots of useful things and will help you:

  • Start monitoring your energy use
  • See how much you're using and what it's costing you
  • Understand the useful alerts your Smart Energy Monitor shows you throughout the day

Your Smart Energy Monitor questions answered

Does the Smart Energy Monitor take batteries?

The wireless Smart Energy Monitor takes four AA batteries or you can plug it into the mains power using the USB power supply provided.

You find more details on page eight of the Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

Where's the best place to put the Smart Energy Monitor?

Ideally, it should be about two metres from your electricity smart meter. Just make sure you can keep an eye on it easily, so you can monitor your energy usage at home throughout the day.

What do I do if my Smart Energy Monitor displays “out of range”?

If your smart monitor says “out of range”, this means the smart monitor isn't receiving a signal or information from your smart meter to monitor your energy usage.

If your Smart Energy Monitor loses signal, try moving it closer to your electricity smart meter. Walls, windows and large metal objects can affect the signal strength, so try to make sure there are as few obstructions as possible.

Why does my Smart Energy Monitor display a “not paired” message?

If it is showing a “not paired” message, please get in touch with us and we'll get your Smart Energy Monitor re-paired with your smart meter, so it can monitor your home energy use.

Why is there a price difference between my Smart Energy Monitor and my bill?

The cost that shows on your smart energy monitor is based on the energy you use, but it's for information only. It doesn't include any additions like VAT or Direct Debit discounts that you may have on your bill. These are done through our billing system so can't be shown on your Smart Energy Monitor. Don't worry, all the information we use to work out your bill is completely accurate.

Does the Smart Energy Monitor show individual appliance usage?

No. It shows only your total gas and electricity usage. But you can turn appliances on or off around your home and watch how your energy usage changes.

How often does a smart meter send information to a Smart Energy Monitor?

Your smart electricity meter sends information to your Smart Energy Monitor every ten seconds. For your gas smart meter, it's about every 30 minutes.

Do you need further help with your Smart Energy Monitor?

If your Smart Energy Monitor still isn't working as it should, get in touch with us.

You can also find lots more information in our Smart Energy Monitor full user guide.

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