If you've had your smart meter installed, you'll find an SSE online account helps you track your usage and shows you how you're using gas and electricity in your home, so you can see how you could save energy and money.

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Online account mobile interface showing energy consumption

Smart meters – track your progress

With your smart energy meter, you can track your usage more easily when you access your online account.

Your online account lets you view interactive charts that can help you understand your energy usage in pounds and pence and at different times of the day. These charts are based on the gas and electricity meter readings your smart meters automatically send us.

As you view the charts, they'll help you see if there's something changing in your home. Perhaps you're using a lot of energy while you're asleep or when you're not even at home.

Set up an online account for your smart meter

  1. Give us your account number, postcode and surname.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password.
  3. We’ll send you an email to confirm you’ve registered – just click on the link to activate your account and you're done.

View your current smart meter bill

Your online account gives you access to view your gas and electricity bill online. You can also download your energy bills as a PDF to view later or use as a proof of address.

And as your smart meters send your meter readings to us automatically, we'll know exactly how much energy you've used. So when you view bills online, they should always be accurate and not estimated.

Smart meters – do you have a bill to pay?

You can pay your electricity and gas bill online through our online account services. Make payments as often as you like. These will go towards your balance and be used to pay off your bills as you get them.

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