What happens after you've booked your smart meter installation

You'll receive confirmation of the date and time of your appointment. We'll then send you reminders as it gets closer to the installation.

One important thing to remember: if you or anyone in your household becomes unwell before your appointment, unfortunately it will need to be rescheduled. You can reschedule online or you can give us a call on 0345 071 7892 and we’ll be able to help with this.

Don't have a smart meter yet? Book your smart meter installation, or find out more about smart meters. And if you're renting, you probably want to take a look at our guide to having a smart meter installed in a rented flat or house.

What you need to do before your smart meter installation

  • Open any external windows and doors in the area where your smart meter(s) is being installed.
  • Clear any obstacles so our engineer can safely get to your current meters, boiler and any other gas appliances.
  • We'll need someone over 18 to be there while we install your smart meter, so please arrange this beforehand.
  • Keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work.
  • Be prepared – your power will be turned off for about one hour during the installation.
  • Please have a phone handy in case your engineer needs to speak to you during the installation.
  • Keep a lookout for your engineer. When they arrive they will be wearing either SSE or OVO uniform and will be driving either an SSE or OVO van. This is because SSE is now part of the OVO family. Our engineers work across both brands so we can give you the best and quickest service. They will show you their ID badge before starting work, which will be on an OVO lanyard.

What happens on the day of your smart meter installation

  1. Preparation
    • Your engineer will call you on the way to your home to make a final check of the health of the household and to remind you about social distancing guidelines.
    • Your engineer will thoroughly disinfect their tools and equipment before arriving at your home.
    • Your engineer will wear a face covering at all times while they're in your home.
    • All engineers will use antibacterial hand sanitiser and will wear gloves at all times.
  2. Inspection
    • Our engineer will first do a visual inspection to check your boiler and other gas appliances are working correctly.
    • They'll also take a final reading from your old meters before your smart meter installation. This way we can make sure your account is up to date.
    • If your meter is located outside of your property, then you will have minimal contact with the engineer.
  3. Installation
    • After these checks, our engineer will get started on installing your smart meter. It'll take around two hours.
    • The engineer will need to switch the electricity and gas off for around half an hour. They'll let you know before doing this, just in case you want to pop the kettle on beforehand.
    • If your engineer needs to enter your home, they will ask you to wait in another room to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  4. Final checks
    • When your engineer has finished installing your electricity and gas smart meters, they'll check everything thoroughly.
    • If you've got any mains connected alarms, it's worth double checking they're working correctly.

What happens after your smart meter installation

Once they've finished the installation, and if they are able to comply with social distancing guidelines, your engineer will explain to you how your new smart meters work and how to use the In-Home Display, if you've chosen to have one.

If you're visually impaired, your engineer also carries Accessible In-Home Displays (AIHDs) in their van. An AIHD offers the same benefits as a standard In-Home Display, but comes with extra features that can help with visual impairments. These features include larger buttons and an option to turn text into speech.

Your engineer will also give you a few tips on how to save energy around the house. You might also find our energy saving advice helpful in saving on energy costs.

Before leaving your home, your engineer will wipe down all surfaces they have been in contact with using disinfectant wipes.

Shortly after, we'll send you a survey so you can tell us what you think about our service during your smart meter upgrade.

Can I get a smart meter installed if I'm renting?

The short answer is, yes. If you’re the energy account holder and you pay the energy bills, not your landlord, then you can get a smart meter.

Need more information? We've got a guide covering this and more if you're renting a flat or house and want a smart meter.

Need to reschedule your smart meter installation?

We know plans can change and you might need to move your installation. It's quick and easy to reschedule online, just give us at least 24 hours’ notice to avoid a late-notice fee of £30.

Need to cancel your smart meter installation?

If you’re not ready to reschedule, you can cancel, but it will mean you’ll miss out on the benefits of a smart meter. Just make sure you do it at least 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise there may be a late-notice fee of £30. Call us on 0345 071 7892 if you need to cancel.

If you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of coronavirus, please reschedule or cancel your appointment. We won’t charge you a cancellation fee, even if you’re doing this at short notice.

The Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS)

We're a signatory of the Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS). This means we're committed to making your smart meter installation as smooth as possible throughout the process.

We promise to:

  • Arrange your smart meter installation for a time that suits you
  • Provide all the information you need in good time
  • Show you how to use and make the most of your smart meter to help improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Ensure our engineers are trained to give you a high quality service

Still have questions about smart meters?

You can read more about smart meters, and help and advice on using your In-Home Display. We also have ways to save energy at home.

Still need to upgrade to a smart meter?

Smart meter help and support

Help with your smart meter

How do I get started with my smart meter?

When we install your smart meter, our engineer will explain how it works. We'll also give you an In-Home Display, if you'd like one. It's a handy little wireless device that connects to your meters and shows how much energy you're using. Our engineer will talk you through how your smart meter and In-Home Display work together. You can also download our In-Home Display full user guide.

Do I need one smart meter for gas and another for electricity?

We replace both your meters, one for gas and one for electricity. But you need only one In-Home Display to show how much energy you’re using.

Do I need an internet connection and WiFi for a smart meter?

Smart meters contain a SIM card, like a mobile phone. They use their own secure wireless networks to ‘talk’ to your In-Home Display and to us, so you don't need an internet connection or WiFi for it to work.

Will I still get bills for gas and electricity?

You'll still receive regular bills as you do now, either online or by post. The difference is that smart meters send us regular, accurate meter readings, so you shouldn't receive any more estimated bills.

What is the Smart Meter Data Charter?

We’re committed to keeping your personal information safe. Our Smart Meter Data Charter sets out the standards you can expect from us when we ask for and store your personal information. What's more, smart meters work on separate, secure networks.

What is the Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS)?

We're a signatory of the Smart Meter Installation Schedule (SMIS). This means you can be sure you'll receive a high standard of service from us throughout the installation process and that you know how to use, and benefit from, your smart metering equipment to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Help with your smart Pay As You Go meter
Smart meters send us readings automatically

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, you'll either need to take your own reading and send it to us, or your bills will be estimated.