What is an In-Home Display?

When we install your smart meter, you'll be offered a small digital device to track your energy usage. This is called an In-Home Display or IHD. It connects to your smart meter and shows you how you're using energy on a digital screen.

It's easy to use. Our engineer will talk you through how to use it after they've completed your smart meter installation.

If you're visually impaired we also offer Accessible In-Home Displays (AIHDs). An AIHD offers the same benefits as a standard In-Home Display, but comes with extra features that can help with visual impairments. These features include larger buttons and an option to turn text into speech.

How does an In-Home Display work?

We know a smart meter captures the data that helps determine your energy bill. An In-Home Display digs into that data.

It shows you more information about your energy usage. For example, how does your electricity consumption change when you turn on your kettle?

Got a problem with your In-Home Display?

Have you seen our common smart meter problems page? There's help with restoring the signal between your In-Home Display and smart meter and how to set-up a monthly budget.

You can also download your In-Home Display full user guide. It shows you how to understand and compare your energy usage, and what the colours on the display mean.

How to set up your In-Home Display

If you’ve chosen to have an In-Home Display, our engineer will set it up for you after your smart meter installation is complete. If we've sent it to you instead, plug in the mains adapter and switch the power on at the socket.

If possible, keep your In-Home Display within two metres of your smart electricity meter. Otherwise you might start seeing a “Connection error” message on the In-Home Display. Also, try putting it somewhere in easy view so you can take in how much energy you're using as you go about your day.

A few things will happen once you've plugged it in:

  • Your In-Home Display will turn on.
  • It'll start to set up a connection with your smart meters.
  • The screen will show “Connecting to smart meter”. This can take up to five minutes.
  • Once the connection has been established, the screen will show the current consumption for electricity, recent gas usage and the house temperature.
In-Home Display with numbered annotations pointing to parts of the dashboard

In-Home Display features and controls

  1. Colour display

    You’ll see details about your energy usage and how much you’re spending, based on information from your smart meters
  2. Circle button

    Press to turn on your In-Home Display, as well as confirm your choices as you work through the menus.
  3. Left, right, back buttons

    Use these to navigate the different screens.
  4. Usage light

    Check how your energy use is going with the coloured light. You’ll see a green, amber or red light to show if you’re on track with your electricity usage. If you see a blue light it means you're gas-only.

Your In-Home Display questions answered

Why isn’t my In-Home Display showing any information?

Your In-Home Display uses a wireless signal to receive energy usage information from your smart meters. If your In-Home Display shows “Waiting for data”, it could be because it’s too far away from your smart meter. Try moving your In-Home Display closer to your electricity smart meter.

Why are the costs on my In-Home Display different to my energy bill?

The cost shown on your In-Home Display is based on your consumption, but it’s for information only. It doesn’t include any additions like VAT or Direct Debit discounts you may have on your bill. These are done through our billing system so can’t be shown on your display.

Don’t worry, all the information we use to work out your bill is completely accurate.

What do I do if my In-Home Display is showing an error message?

Your In-Home Display may show an error message if something goes wrong. You can find out what the different error messages mean, and what to do, in our In-Home Display full user guide.

Can I use an In-Home Display if I have visual impairments?

We offer Accessible In-Home Displays (AIHDs) that offer the same benefits as a standard In-Home Display. They also include features that help with visual impairments. These features include larger buttons and an option to turn text into speech.

Who can I contact if I still have problems with my In-Home Display?

First take a look at our common smart meter problems page to see if there's a solution. If your In-Home Display is still not working as it should, get in touch with us.

What if I don't have an In-Home Display?

If you've already had a smart meter installed, and weren't offered an In-Home Display, you'll have been offered one of two devices. They look different and have a different name, but they track your energy usage just like the In-Home Display. These two devices are: Smart Energy Tracker or Smart Energy Monitor.

If you're still not sure, take a look at the images below and select the one which looks like your device.

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