We recently changed to a new bank account and this could affect how you pay for your energy, phone and broadband. If you’ve paid us by online banking or bank transfer in the past, our payment details are now different for future payments.

Many of our customers pay us by Direct Debit as this spreads your costs over the year with a set amount each time. If you choose to pay for your energy in this way, you’ll get a yearly discount for each fuel*.

You can find out more information below on how to set up a payment plan with SSE, and how you can pay, if you don’t already have one.

If you use bank transfer or online banking to pay us

Please make sure your payments go into our new bank account. First, delete the old payment information from your online bank account or app. Then, set up a new payment arrangement.

Some banks let you search for us by company name. If you can’t do this, please use our new bank account number 99183129 and sort code 57-40-99 for all future payments. Use your energy, phone or broadband account number as the payment reference.

Find a payment plan that suits you best

We have several payment options available:

  • Direct Debit*
    You can pay what you owe us over an agreed time, rather than paying everything in one go. You can spread the cost of your bills with a set payment every week, fortnight, month or quarter. And get a yearly discount for each fuel you pay for in this way. Find out more at sse.co.uk/direct-debit.

  • Pay As You Go
    You can pay for your energy, along with what you owe us, with a weekly payment taken from the credit you top up on a prepayment meter. You can budget for what you use by paying in advance. Find out more at sse.co.uk/paygo.

  • Fuel Direct
    If you receive certain benefits, you can pay for your energy, along with anything you owe us, directly from the benefits you get.

If you don't have a payment plan

There are a number of ways to pay your bill, if you don’t have a payment plan.

Online account at sse.co.uk

Set up an online account at sse.co.uk/payonline. You can make payments, provide energy meter readings and see your previous bills in your online account.

Internet banking

Our new sort code is 57-40-99 and our bank account number is 99183129. Use your energy, phone or broadband account number as the payment reference.

Credit or debit card

You can pay by credit or debit card by using Cardline, our automated payment service, by calling 0345 704 5038. Make sure you have your energy, phone or broadband account number to hand before you call.

Cash or cheque

Pay for your energy at any Post Office or bank, or use your giro slip from your latest bill. Send cheques to:

SSE Payment Centre
PO Box 13

Please remember to use your energy account number(s) as a payment reference.

What you need to know

Paying by Direct Debit is our default payment method. If you choose a different payment method your prices may be higher.