SSE is now part of the OVO family. If you move home with us, this will now be handled by OVO and we’ll make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. You can also find out more about SSE and OVO.

Moving out

Tell us you’re moving out of an SSE supplied property.

Moving in

Tell us you’re moving into an SSE supplied property.

Moving your phone and broadband or boiler or heating cover?

If you’re moving your phone and broadband, or boiler heating cover, you’ll need to tell us about this separately. You can find information on the steps for moving, what you need to send to us, and tips to make your move easier.

Moving home help

Can I tell you I’m moving without giving you meter readings?

Yes. But it’s a good idea to take closing and opening meter readings when you move and keep them safe. We’ll ask for them to close and/or open your account so your bills are accurate.

How do I find out who supplies the electricity or gas in my new home?
How do I get my final bill?

If you give us your new address, we'll send your final bill there. If you sign up with us at your new property, you can ask us to transfer your balance to your new account.

What happens if I’m paying by Direct Debit?

If you choose us to supply to your new home, we'll move your Direct Debit across too. We'll review your payments to make sure you're paying the right amount at your new home. If you decide to leave us when you move, please keep your Direct Debit open so we can collect the final balance or refund any money we owe to you.

What do I do if I’m get bills from the previous occupier?

If you've already told us you're moving, ignore any energy bills that aren't addressed to you at your new home. We'll be working on updating the account to show that you've moved in. We'll only bill you from the date you moved in using the meter readings you gave us.

What do I do if my Pay As You Go meter isn’t working?

Is your gas or electricity not coming on at your new home? Our Pay As You Go faults guide will tell you what to do.

Do you have a moving home checklist?

Yes! We've got a comprehensive moving home checklist covering everything you'll need to think about before, during and after your move. It even comes as a PDF so you can download and print it to tick off each item as you complete it!