After nearly 10 years, we’re ending our partnership with Moneysavers. The Moneysavers tariff offered customers a retail discount scheme. But after reviewing the tariff, we found very few customers were using the benefit, and as a result we’ve decided to remove it.

Frequently asked questions

What does this mean for me?

You won’t be able to access the savings portal from 31 October 2019. Anything you’ve already purchased will remain valid as per the terms and conditions at the time of purchase. The price you pay for your energy won’t change . You’ll still be on our Standard tariff, which means your energy prices can go up or down and there is no tie-in.

Will my prices change?

No, the price you pay for your energy won’t change as a result of this. However, you can review your tariff online anytime to see if there’s a more suitable one for you and your home.

Will I see a change on my bill?

The only change you’ll see on the bill is the name of your tariff. That will change from “Moneysavers” to “Standard”. The price you pay for your energy will stay the same.

Are there any other benefits I can access through an energy tariff?

Yes, we have a variety of other energy tariffs including ones that come with broadband and boiler cover. You can view all our available tariffs online or call us on 0345 071 9521 and we’ll help find the best tariff for you.

As part of the OVO family, you'll also be able to join OVO Live which is an exclusive benefit for our customers. It gives access to tickets for amazing music, sport and entertainment events across the country before they go on general sale, as well as exclusive in-venue experiences and competitions. It doesn’t cost a thing for SSE customers to join and is our way of saying thanks for being with us.

What can I do now?

  • Take a look at our other energy tariffs to see if there's a better one to suit you.
  • Explore our energy efficiency advice to see where you could save energy and money.
  • If you need extra help, our Priority Services offers a range of assistance from letters and bills in different formats such as large print, to, if you qualify, extra financial help.