What we are doing

SSE Water, as for other water companies in England and Wales, has a duty to make sure there is enough wholesome drinking water for all our customers.

We've created our Water Resource Management Plan to outline how we intend to meet this requirement and also as a way to identify areas which may need more attention. We're publishing this version of our WRMP to make sure people and organisations can comment on our proposals. We welcome your views and, where possible, will incorporate them into our final plan. Our “Water Resource Management Plan” can be found below.

In our ‘Commercial Confidentiality and National Security’ document below, we explain that before we publish our WRMP for public consultation, we are required to make sure that none of the information in our plan would create a risk to national security. We are also required to state whether or not we have changed any of the financial data on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

Our ‘Recipients and Representations’ document below sets out how you may respond to our consultation and how long the consultation period will last. It also notes the key stakeholders which will directly receive a copy of the WRMP.