What causes my water to taste or smell of chlorine?

Legally, all public water supplies have to be disinfected. Your water will be treated at a local treatment works using chlorine to make sure it's safe to use. A small level of chlorine will stay in the water after treatment to make sure it stays safe as it travels through the pipes to your home. It's this small amount that you can taste or smell.

How can I remove the taste or smell of chlorine?

Most people don't taste or smell the very small amount of chlorine left in the water. However, some people may be particularly sensitive and notice it. The taste and smell of chlorine can be safely removed by using a water filter. You can store your filtered water in a covered container in your fridge. But, remember to drink it within one day, it won't stay fresh for long.

What causes hard water?

Rainwater dissolves calcium and magnesium salts as it passes through rocks like limestone. When the water is heated, the calcium and magnesium bicarbonates break down and form limescale. It's harmless to your health but can look unsightly.

How hard is my water?

As a general indication water hardness is classified as follows:

  • Hard water contains over 200 mg of calcium carbonate per litre
  • Moderately hard water contains 100 to 200 mg of calcium carbonate per litre
  • Soft water contains less than 100 mg of calcium carbonate per litre

We don't artificially soften the water. There is no UK or European maximum limit for the hardness of drinking water.

What is a water softener?

A water softener chemically removes the hardness from water, meaning it's less likely that limescale will build up in your hot water system. You don't need to get a water softener, but some people prefer to have one.

How much fluoride is in my water?

The concentration (level) of fluoride can vary depending on the geology of your local area. The maximum concentration of fluoride in drinking water is 1.5mg per litre. We don't add any extra fluoride as it occurs naturally in all water supplies.

How can I find out more about water quality?

To find out more about your drinking water quality please contact our customer centre on 0345 078 3200.