Moving into an area we supply

Once you know the date you're moving, contact us. We'll get a new account set up for you.

When you call us, please ensure you have your account number if you're an existing SSE water customer. You'll also need the name or names you would like to appear on the account, your new address and contact details, the date of your home move, and the water meter reading at your new property.

Moving out of a house that we supply

Make sure you let us know 10 working days before you move out of your property so we can close your account for you. If you move but don't tell us, or let us know less than 10 working days before you move, you might get charged for the supply charges the next occupier would normally pay.

We'll need your account number, your forwarding address, the date of your home move and the final water meter reading. If you're unable to read your meter yourself, please contact us. We'll need five days' notice so we can arrange for a meter reader to come out and read it for you. If you've already moved home but have forgotten to let us know, please contact us as soon as you can so we can update your account. If possible, take meter readings before you call so we make sure you pay the right amount for the services you receive.

Your final bill

We'll send you your final bill within five working days of you moving out, as long as we have a meter reading from the day you moved. If you have any credit, we'll arrange a refund for you.

My property will be empty for a while

If your property will be empty for a while, you might not have to pay charges from the date your furniture is moved out. So it’s important you let us know as soon as you can as it may save you money.

Tenant responsibilities

Usually it's the person who lives in the property who pays the bill but sometimes we have an agreement with landlords meaning they pay the bill. It's your responsibility to find this out, so please check your tenancy agreement to find out if your landlord is paying for the water bill.