Broadband contract information

Our broadband is only for domestic customers

You can only take out one of our broadband packages if you're a domestic customer.

If we think you're using your broadband for business, we might get in touch with you for more details.

Check out our Broadband Acceptable Use Policy to find out more. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page.

Cancelling your broadband order

You can cancel your broadband if you get in touch with us by 5pm on the day before it goes live or we transfer it.

We may charge a cancellation fee if you cancel after the cooling off period or when you've waived the cooling off period to get your broadband earlier.

You'll find details of our cancellation fees in Broadband Products and Prices. You can use the link at the bottom of the page.

Cancelling your broadband if you're under contract

We usually ask that you give us 28 days' notice when you want to end your broadband contract or move to another provider.

You'll need to pay an early cancellation fee if you're still within the initial 18-month contract term.

The amount you'll pay depends on the time left before your initial term is up.

Paying for your broadband

We base our phone and broadband prices on payment by monthly Direct Debit and using paperless billing.

You can pay in other ways for an extra charge.