If you need a hand with your phone service, we’re here to help. Find out more about the call features you can get with your package such as voicemail, call barring and call waiting. Get help if you have a faulty phone line and see how to stop and report nuisance calls. Plus we’ll explain how to identify and use your phone sockets to set up and test your broadband or phone.

Learn more about voicemail and call blocking

You can get a variety of call features with your SSE phone service. Some are included in your package, whilst others have a charge. We’ll explain all our phone features including voicemail and call barring.

Nuisance calls: what you can do to stop them

Whether it’s a sales call or malicious caller, you don’t have to put up with unwanted phone calls. We have call features to help you avoid and block nuisance calls. And we explain who to report nuisance phone calls to.

Dealing with phone faults

If you’ve got a problem with your phone we’re here to help. It’s frustrating when your phone isn't working, but our guide to telephone faults advises you on the ways to fix common phone line faults. And if you still have issues, our dedicated phone faults team are on hand to help.

Phone sockets and connections

It's a good idea to understand your phone sockets, so you can set up your phone and broadband. Our article helps you find your master socket, and explains single and double phone sockets. We also show you how to use a test socket to investigate faults with your phone line.

Need more phone and broadband help?

Go to our broadband and phone help hub for tips and advice about other topics such as broadband set-up and hardware, internet speeds and moving home.

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