For all SSE phone packages except Talk 15

From 15 May, calls to EU countries, when not inclusive in the package, will be charged as follows: 18p/min for calls to both fixed line numbers and mobile numbers.

Also the call set-up fee will not be charged for calls to EU destinations. In packages where selected international calls are inclusive, there is no change to either the inclusive calls type (fixed line only) or to the selection of countries (whether EU or non-EU).

For all Talk 15 call packages

From this date calls to EU countries will be charged as follows:

For Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Portugal Madeira, Spain, Sweden, calls to fixed line numbers remain at 10p/min, while calls to mobile numbers will be charged 18p/min. The call set-up fee will not apply to these destinations.

For all other EU countries, the standard charge to both fixed line and mobile numbers will be 18p/min, and the call set-up fee will not be applicable. Inclusive fixed line calls to EU and non-EU countries that are part of Talk Anytime 15 and Anytime Plus 15 packages remain unchanged.

For the complete list of international destinations by price band, see our Guide to International Pricing, which can be found on our phone legal and regulatory information page.