We know you'll have lots to think about when you're moving. And transferring your phone and broadband can be on a long moving house to-do list.

We can help you with your move. This handy guide gives you some useful tips on when to tell us, what we’ll need to know and how to get phone and broadband set up at your new home.

If we don't currently provide your broadband and phone service, we can still help you switch your phone and broadband at your new house.

Take a look at our phone and broadband packages or see the call features that you can choose. And you might also find our broadband help useful, which covers things like speeds and setting up your broadband.

When to notify us

To move your phone or broadband to a new address, it's best to contact us at least 14 working days before your move. That'll give us enough time to set things up for you so you'll have little or no interruption to your broadband or phone service.

Don't worry if you let us know about your home move after this – we can still sort everything out for you. But it may delay the switch at your new home.

What we'll need to know about your move

When moving your phone and broadband to a new home, there are a few things we need to know to help sort out your phone and broadband at your new address:

  • Your move date
  • Your new address
  • An alternative contact number – this could be a mobile number

Getting phone and broadband at the new address

When you contact us to move your phone and broadband, we'll check if there's an available BT line at the new address that we can use for your service.

If your new house or flat doesn't have a BT line, we can still take care of things for you and arrange a new connection at the property. There may be a charge if an engineer needs to come out, but we'll let you know if any work needs to be done.

Moving your telephone number

If you'd like to take your telephone number with you to your new home, let us know and we'll try to keep your phone number the same. But it depends on where you're moving to.

Just so you know, there'll be a small fee if we're able to transfer the number to the new address.

Moved in already?

If you've already moved, we can still help you. Let us know as soon as you can so we can start setting you up, and so you'll stop being responsible for any services and phone calls at your old address.

Your bill

Once you've moved in, we'll update your account with your new details and we'll send all your phone bills to your new address.