We know you'll have lots to think about when you're moving into a new home. And transferring your phone and broadband can be on a long moving house to-do list.

We can help you with your home move. This handy guide gives you some useful tips on what to do, who to contact and how to get phone and broadband set up at your new home.

If we don't currently provide your phone and broadband, we can help you switch to a new SSE Phone and Broadband service at your new place.

Take a look at our Phone and Broadband packages or see the call features that you can choose. You might also find our Broadband help useful, which covers things like speeds and setting up your broadband.

What to do when moving home

If you’d like to take your SSE Phone and Broadband to your new home, please let us know as soon as you can. We’ll ask you for your SSE account number and some other questions just to make sure it’s you.

There are a few more things we’ll ask you for:

  • Your move date
  • Your new address
  • An alternative contact number, like a mobile number

What phone and broadband can I get at my new home?

When you contact us about your move, we’ll check which phone and broadband products and speeds are available at your new address.

Then we’ll talk you through your options so you can decide what package suits you best.

How long does it take to move SSE phone and broadband to a new home?

Moving home with SSE can take around 18 days so it's best to let us know as soon as you know your move date. Depending on the circumstances we might be able to get our services set up in your new home sooner – give us a call and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

But don’t worry if you let us know about your home move later – we can still sort everything out for you and make sure you don't continue to pay for usage at your old property.

What about the installation in my new home?

When you move, take your SSE wireless router, filters and cables with you to your new home. Then simply plug them in on the day your new broadband service starts, and you’re online!

  • No need to order a new router – use the one you’re familiar with
  • No need to set up your Wi-Fi again – keep your Wi-Fi settings
  • No need to reconnect all your devices – your password stays the same

If your existing router is not compatible with the service you’ve chosen in your new home, then we’ll send you a new router to arrive three days before your broadband start date. Simply follow the quick setup guide on your broadband start day, and you’ll be online in minutes.

If you don’t have a suitable phone line at your new home, we can install one for you at no extra cost.

How much does it cost to move my phone and broadband?

There’s no charge for moving your SSE Phone and Broadband, as long as you choose an SSE Phone and Broadband package for your new home. You’ll only pay extra if your new package is more expensive than your old one.

If you choose not to continue with SSE, you might have a remaining charge to pay on your current contract.

For more information, get in touch.

Can I move my telephone number to my new home?

If you'd like to take your current phone number with you when you move, let us know, and we’ll do our best to transfer it to your new home. There’s no charge for this service.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we can’t guarantee that we can transfer all numbers to all locations.

What if I’ve already moved in?

If you've already moved to a new address, we can still help you.

Please let us know about your address change as soon as you can. We can then start setting up your new phone and broadband and stop you receiving bills for any services and phone calls at your old address.

What happens to my bills after I’ve moved home?

Once you've moved in, we'll update your account with your new details and send all your Phone and Broadband bills to your new address.