The internet is a fantastic tool for children, helping them learn, play, and grow. But it makes good sense to be careful and use some kind of internet security software. We explain how to use the Netintelligence Internet Security Suite, which we previously supplied with our SSE broadband packages.

How does Netintelligence protect my family?

Netintelligence gives you the ability to control and filter which websites and applications your children can access and when they can access them, providing your family protection and a safer internet experience. It protects up to three devices running Microsoft Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (32 and 64 bit).

What can I control and block?

There are a number of features that you can use depending on your needs. You can:

  • Protect up to three Microsoft Windows computers in your household from viruses and malware, when you install the bundled Symantec Endpoint Protection package.
  • Set up user profiles for adults and children, with different settings for each user.
  • Restrict or block access to certain types of websites, including those dealing with adult, gambling, threats, drugs and violence themes.
  • Block social networking, email, webcam and other applications.
  • Control the times when each user can use the internet and other computer applications.
  • View who's browsing which sites and when with the Reports feature.

Plus, if you download our Internet Security Suite onto your Microsoft Windows laptop and you take it away with you on holiday, you're still protected, even abroad.

How do I set up the parental controls?

Once installed, you will be able to get the controls all set. You can find all the details in Netintelligence's Quick Start User Guide.

Creating different user accounts

Netintelligence picks up the names of Windows users on your computer. You can give each user a more meaningful name, decide if you want to actively monitor them and which rules apply to them. You can do this for up to six different users.

Creating web blocking rules

When you first install Netintelligence, it protects your family with its default web blocking rules. These rules will block sites that fall under one of these categories: Adult, Gambling, Threats, Drugs, Hate and Violence, and Social Networking.

It'll also block software and applications that fall under one of these categories: Newsgroups, Peer to Peer, Email, FTP, IRC, Webcam and VOIP.

For more parental control, you can use either the ‘Managed Internet’ or 'Safe Internet' feature, and you can choose which users you want to apply it to.

With ‘Managed Internet’, you decide which categories of sites and applications you want to block. You can also restrict (or allow) access to specific websites.

If you choose to use ‘Safe Internet’, users can only visit websites that you decide are suitable for them to view. All other sites will be blocked.

Setting time limits

Another parental safety option you have is to limit the amount of time that members of your family can access the internet.

Use the ‘Time Controls’ feature to decide when your kids are allowed to use the internet and other computer applications. Each day of the week is split into 30-minute segments, and you can allow or prevent access for each one.

Remember that no home internet security software is 100% effective, so it's also important to make sure your children know how to stay safe and let you know if they have any difficulty.

You can also keep your family safe with internet virus protection and by reporting phishing and email scams.