We know it’s important to keep personal information safe online. Our guides tell you how to protect your computer and your family on the internet. We explain how to use antivirus software, firewalls and parental controls. And you’ll see how to protect against email phishing scams to keep your personal data secure.

Our internet security guides

Antivirus and firewalls: what they are and how they work

Protect your computer and other online devices by understanding firewalls and antivirus software. Find out what a virus is and other common threats, plus how internet security software works. Most internet security suites also have parental controls. They allow you to block and filter websites to protect your children on the internet.

How to identify phishing emails and online scams

Most of us use emails every day, so it’s good to know how to protect against phishing. We'll explain how to avoid email scams and identify phishing emails. Learn what junk and spam emails are and how to avoid them.

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Go to our broadband and phone help hub for tips and advice about other topics such as broadband set-up and hardware, internet speeds and moving home.

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Price promise

Zero price hikes during your 18-month or 24-month contract.

Our price promise is to keep Broadband & Phone package prices fixed for the duration of the contract from your package start date. The only exception will be any increases to VAT or any other relevant tax/levy. The monthly package price includes your monthly broadband, line rental and selected call package.

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If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you can leave for free within the first 60 days.

Our Happiness Guarantee is for customers signing up for an SSE fixed-term broadband and phone package bundle. They can leave their contract without early termination charges within the first 60 days, if they’re not happy with any aspect of the service they have received, and we have been unable to fix the problem.

Unlimited downloads

Stream, download or play to your heart’s content with unlimited internet usage. This is subject to our Broadband Acceptable Use Policy.