We know it’s important to keep personal information safe online. Our guides explain how to protect your computer and your family on the internet. We show you how to set up parental control software so you can filter what websites your children can access. You can also find out how to use antivirus software and set up firewalls. And you can see how to protect against email phishing scams to keep your personal data secure.

Your guide to scams, parental controls and firewalls

How to identify phishing emails and online scams

Most of us use emails every day, so it’s good to know how to protect against phishing. We'll explain how to avoid email scams and identify phishing emails. Learn what junk and spam emails are and how to avoid them.

Understanding parental control settings

Parental control settings let you block and filter websites on the internet. All our broadband packages come with Internet Security Suite from Netintelligence, which includes parental control software. We show you how to make the internet child-safe on your Windows devices.

Antivirus and firewalls: what they are and how they work

Protect your computer and other online devices by understanding firewalls and antivirus software. Find out what a virus is and other common threats, plus how virus checking software works. We’ll explain what firewalls do, and suggest some simple internet security tips. All our broadband packages come with Internet Security Suite from Netintelligence to help you protect your devices.

Need more phone and broadband help?

Go to our broadband and phone help hub for tips and advice about other topics such as broadband set-up and hardware, internet speeds and moving home.

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