Our fixed-term contracts have a start and finish date. We'll give you the full details of your contract when you sign up for one of our packages.

Changing your contract


You can upgrade your fixed-term package at any time. By doing this, you'll start a new fixed-term contract for the package you're changing to.


You've got the option of downgrading your fixed-term package. You can choose either a cheaper one, or one without a fixed-term contract.

Please bear in mind, though, you might need to pay a termination charge if you do this before your contract ends.

Cancelling your contract

If you cancel your fixed-term contract before it ends, you might need to pay a termination charge.

When the fixed term ends

When your existing fixed-term contract is approaching its end date, get in touch and see what packages we can offer you.

If you don't choose a new product, we'll automatically change your package to the equivalent non-fixed-term option once it finishes.