Whether you’ve already joined SSE phone and broadband, or are thinking about switching, find out more about broadband and how to get connected with our useful articles. We’ll show you how to set up your SSE broadband router and how your router password helps keep your Wi-Fi network secure. We help you understand IP addresses and things like router ports and gateways. And we show you how to use telephone filters to make sure your broadband and phone work on the same phone line.

Router passwords and network security

We help keep our customers' internet secure with robust router security. We'll show you how to find the default password for your Wi-Fi network. We'll explain what to do if you lose it, or have changed it and forgotten what it is. And find out how the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button can help you connect a device to your Wi-Fi without the wireless key.

How to set up your SSE broadband router

When you join us for phone and broadband, we'll send you a broadband router pack with everything you need to connect to the internet. Our guide explains how to set up your Wi-Fi router in five simple steps, and how to connect your wireless devices to it. Plus, we cover some router set up issues and ways to fix them.

Understanding IP addresses

Not sure what an IP address is? Our article explains more about your IP address and wireless router settings. We also include information on router ports and gateways. And we'll show you where to find your SSE broadband router's IP address if you need to.

How to use a filter

A phone and broadband filter (also known as a microfilter or splitter) allows your phone and internet to work through the same telephone line. You’ll find one in your SSE broadband router pack. We explain what a filter is and what they're used for. We'll show you how to use a filter to get the most from your phone and broadband.

Need more phone and broadband help?

Go to our broadband and phone help hub for tips and advice about other topics such as broadband set-up and hardware, internet speeds and moving home.

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