We know that some of the details about phone and broadband can seem a bit complex. This is why we've written about as many of the areas you may want information on as we can.

Take a look at them to see if we can help explain things for you.

Switching to us

When you choose to switch phone and broadband provider, we know that there are small details that you'll want to know so you can be confident with how it will work. Connecting to our phone is slightly different to connecting to our phone and broadband. These pages should help to make sure you understand everything that you need to.

Switching to our phone service
If you'd like to take out one of our phone packages, this page will help you to make the change.

Switch to our phone and broadband service
Taking out broadband from us is simple, but it’s important to know the process. Follow this link to see what you can expect.

Connecting to our broadband service
By following this link you can learn what will happen once you've taken out a package.

Moving phone and broadband to a new address
If you've decided to move home you'll have a lot to consider. Read this page and learn how you can make sure your phone and broadband are set up when you arrive.

Broadband information

Broadband icon

If we provide your broadband or if you’re thinking about swapping, there are some things you may want cleared up. Below is some information on what the speeds mean as well as explanations of other things you'll find useful.

Phone and Broadband help
This page has information on many of the things you may want to know. It includes technical help, information on internet security and how to connect and set up.

Router setup and configuration
Follow our simple instructions to set up and connect your SSE broadband wireless router. And get troubleshooting help for common problems.

Router security and wireless passwords
See out how to find your wireless password (or security key) to connect to your Wi-Fi. And get advice on what to do if you've lost or forgotten it.

Wi-Fi Boosters
If you want to get a better internet signal at home a Wi-Fi booster could help. Find out how they can extend the range of your wireless network.

How to connect to the internet using a USB Adaptor
Our guide shows you how to connect to a broadband network with a USB adaptor if your device isn't Wi-Fi enabled.

Fibre optic broadband explained
A guide that explains how fibre optic broadband works. We also explain the advantages of the faster connection you'll get.

Fibre broadband availability and installation in my area
Fibre broadband is not yet available everywhere in the country. Find out if you can get it in your area yet on this page.

Your guide to ADSL broadband
ADSL is a popular and easy way to connect to the internet. Find out how it works with our guide to this type of broadband.

Internet firewalls and antivirus software
Find out how to protect your computer from malicious attacks. We explain how antivirus software and firewalls improve your internet security.

Parental controls
See how you can protect your family with parental control software as part of our Internet Security Suite, including how to set it up.

Phishing and spam emails
Learn about spam and phishing emails and how to report them and protect yourself against them.

Broadband speed advice
We know that your connection speed is really important. This page explains what the numbers really mean, as well as what can impact the speed you get. 

ADSL broadband speed
Broadband speed is important but there are lots of things which can affect your broadband speed. If you’ve got an ADSL connection, it's important to know what could affect the speed.

Making a complaint about your phone or broadband service
If you have any complaints about your service, we think it’s important that we hear about them so we can resolve them as soon as possible.

Help with phones

Phone icon

Many people don’t fully understand all of the things their phones can do for them. Read the information below to learn some of the functions, as well as how we can help if you have any problems.

A guide to your phone call features
Your phone may be able to do more than you realise. Learn more about the features and how to use them

How to block and report nuisance calls
Sometimes there are calls that you don’t want to receive. Learn how to set up blocked numbers on your phone, and who you can call to stop them happening.

Phone faults
Sometimes phones can go wrong. If that’s the case, this page may help you fix the problem. It also has information on who to contact to get it working again.

Making a complaint about your phone or broadband service
If you have any complaints about your phone service, we think it’s important that we hear about them so we can resolve them as soon as possible. 

Phone and broadband accessibility services
We have all the information you may need around our accessibility services, including text relay, directory enquiries and bills for the visually impaired, and third party bill management.


Contractual information

Sometimes we know you'll want to look at the contracts for our phone and broadband products. We've put them together below in case you want to review the information.

Phone service charges

Cancelling your broadband and/or phone

Talk and broadband prices updates

Fixed-term phone and broadband contracts

Broadband contract information

Broadband legal and regulatory information

Phone - Code of practice

Broadband - Code of practice