CORGI HomeHeat, part of the OVO family, offers other services to go with your new boiler and central heating installation.

You'll find details below, or feel free to get in touch with us for more information.


A powerflush involves attaching a jet flushing machine to clear your central heating system of sludge, rust and other debris. This will help make it more efficient and lower the running costs. We'll also add an inhibitor solution to slow down future build up.

Manufacturers of high-efficiency boilers recommend a powerflush when you replace your boiler. If you don't have this done, it might invalidate the warranty. Only Gas Safe registered engineers should carry out powerflushes.

Magnetic filters

A magnetic filter helps reduce sludge build up in a central heating system. This helps it to run more efficiently. It's a small device that can be easily installed in most central heating systems.

The filter works by attracting and holding debris that's been caused by corrosion. Some types of filter can hold non-magnetic debris, too. Filters need to be emptied once a year.

Scale reducers

If you live in a hard water area, limescale build-up can cause household appliances, pipework and central heating systems to break down. It can also cause your boiler to make banging noises known as kettling.

A scale reducer can help to reduce limescale build-up in your central heating system.