You'll get the most out of your boiler and central heating if you use the controls effectively.

You might even find it's worth upgrading to more accurate, modern heating controls.

You'll need different types of heating controls depending on which boiler and central heating system you have. Here are a few of the options.

Timers and programmers

If you add a timer, you can set the heating and hot water to fit around your lifestyle.

You can program it to switch on when you're at home and when you need it most.

Room thermostat

Thermostats regulate the temperature of your home. They work by switching on the heating when the air temperature drops below the level you've set.

It's best to heat your home to between 18°C and 21°C. Start at 18°C. If that's not warm enough, increase the temperature by one degree each day until you feel comfortable.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)

By using Thermostatic radiator valves – or TRVs – you can control the temperature of individual radiators.

TRVs are attached to the side of radiators. They reduce the flow of water into the radiator when it reaches a certain temperature.

Your TRVs will work best if you don't use a radiator cover. You'll also need to keep the area around the radiator clear of furniture and curtains.

Cylinder thermostat

If you've got a separate hot water storage cylinder, you can control the water temperature with a thermostat. This makes it more efficient.

Set the temperature to between 60°C and 65°C, which is hot enough to kill off bacteria. Be careful though – it’s also hot enough to burn your skin.

For added safety, get a thermostatic mixing valve fitted. This will keep the hot water at a safe temperature.


You can get radiators with various different capacities and power outputs. You'll need to choose a model that meets the heating needs of your home.

Get the most out of your radiator by ensuring that you power flush it in order to clean out the sludge. This is allow to work more effectively and save you money.

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