My Energy Credit

My Energy Credit was set up by Energy UK, and helps people claim money back they may be owed after they've moved house or switched supplier. It doesn't matter how long ago you moved or switched – legitimate claims will always be refunded.

We're proud to have contributed to the My Energy Credit campaign – so far it's helped to return over £3m of credit back to customers. We keep a record of all our past customers, so if you think we owe you money from an old account, just get in touch.

The Good Causes Fund

Back in 2014 we decided we'd use any unclaimed credit to go towards good causes. Since then, over £8m has been put into a fund for helping vulnerable customers, those on a low income and people who are struggling to repay an outstanding balance. We've also helped over 6,000 of our customers who have switched to a new supplier, so they can get a fresh start with their new supplier.

The Western Isles project

But we haven't stopped there. We've given over £118k to a ‘Western Isles project’ which set up an energy advice service based in the Western Isles. Over 70% of the population there spend more than 10% of their income on their energy bills (classing them as 'fuel poor').

The funding provided a full time member of staff to help customers with energy efficiency so they can lower how much they're using. It also gave them free energy efficient LED lightbulbs to make a start in how they can reduce their energy bills.