How do I switch energy provider?

It’s simple to switch your gas and electricity supply to us, with the process usually taking three weeks. So if you need a new supplier, you’re moving house, or you like the look of our energy tariffs, our step-by-step guide below will provide you with all the details you need to change energy provider. Signing up online is the easiest way to switch to us and won’t take long.

Switching your energy should be easy. That's why we've signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Switching with a debt on your Pay As You Go meter

If you're a Pay As You Go customer with a debt of less than £500, it's now even easier to switch. The Debt Assignment Protocol allows you to change supplier and take your debt with you. It isn't guaranteed, but it could be an option for you if you want to switch. Find out more with our Debt Assignment Protocol article.

Already changed your energy supplier?

If you've already chosen to switch your energy supply to us, thank you.

It normally takes 21 days to switch your gas and electricity supplier to SSE and we'll keep you informed every step of the way. We'll also send you a welcome pack by email which includes a copy of your contract along with our terms and conditions.

But you don’t have to wait to start managing your account online. You can register as soon as you’ve switched to us. If you’ve changed energy supplier because you've recently moved home, there will be a few other things you need to think about. Take a look at our moving house guide to see what else you may need to do.

The switching process

Week one

We're sure you'll be glad you chose SSE, but if you change your mind within 14 days from the day after the date you signed up to this tariff and want to cancel, no problem. You'll find a cancellation form enclosed with your welcome pack.

Week two onwards

We'll let your current supplier know that you've chosen to switch energy provider, so you won’t need to worry about doing this.

We'll also update you on how your energy switch is going and the date your gas and electricity supply starts with us. If you've chosen to pay by Direct Debit, we'll confirm your bank details and the date we'll start taking the Direct Debit payments from your bank account.

When we're almost ready to start your gas and electricity supply with us, we'll ask for your opening meter readings.

When we’re almost ready

A few days before your new energy supply starts with us, we'll send you a confirmation letter which gives you lots of useful information about your service. We'll also include some useful contact numbers if you need to speak to us.

Once you've swapped energy provider

Once your supply starts, we'll send you a letter confirming that we're now your energy supplier.

If you chose a regular payment plan, we'll start receiving payments on the date we've agreed with you. You'll find details in your confirmation letter. We'll send your first bill within three months of you changing your energy supply and joining us.

Renewing your energy tariff

If your current SSE tariff is about to end, we'll help you easily compare and switch energy products.

It's easy to choose and change, and it only takes a few minutes to select a new tariff. If you're with us on our Standard deal, you can fix your prices by signing up to a fixed energy tariff.