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Partnering with SSE could save you time and money

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New partners

Managing the energy for empty properties needs a team with specialist skills. Our experts will help you manage your properties during the vacant period after a tenant moves out and before a tenant moves in.

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Savings on time and money

  • We'll contribute up to £15 per meter (gas or electric) towards your energy usage during the void period
  • We waive the standing charge for the first 90 days of the void period

Expert support and extra benefits

  • A dedicated account management team to manage your void properties
  • A range of benefits and support services for your tenants, including smart meter installation during the void period

A trusted and reliable partner

  • We manage around 1.4 million properties across the UK
  • We support over 150 Registered Social Landlord partners

How it works

  1. Tell us about a void property

    As soon as your tenant gives notice to quit, send us the details using our “Tenant Out” form.

  2. Give us the meter readings

    When you get access to the empty property, send us meter readings. We’ll help clear the debt off the meter if necessary.

  3. Confirm when a new tenant moves in

    When a new tenant moves into the property, just send us their details using the “Tenant In” form.

Existing partners

You can find plenty of help and advice on a wide range of topics across our website.

Metering support

Get advice on anything to do with meters such as how to read meters, meter types, Pay As You Go meters, and more.

Emergencies and safety

Keep safe with gas and electricity safety advice, including information on carbon monoxide, gas leaks, and leaking meters.

Energy efficiency

Our tips and advice on things like draught-proofing, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances are here to help save energy and money.

Get in touch

If you need to check if one of your properties is on supply with us, you can do so on the Find my supplier website.

For most queries, the best way to get in touch is via email. For the following topics, fill in the relevant form and send it to

If you have a query about a bill, please send it to

If you have queries that aren’t covered by the forms above, please call us on 0345 072 1946.