If you've got a Pay As You Go smart meter, it's simple to top up whenever you need to.

The easiest way is to top up online. Or, you can top up in any shop that offers PayPoint and branches of Post Office.

How smart Pay As You Go meter top-ups work

When you top up your smart Pay As You Go meter, the new credit is sent to your meter automatically.

It can take up to 40 minutes for the top-up to reach your meter.

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How to top up your smart Pay As You Go meter

Your Smart Energy Tracker will alert you when your PAYG credit is running low, so you always know when it’s time to top up.

Top up online

You can top up online by using our online payment system (provided by PayPoint).

It's really easy to do – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our smart meter top-up website
    Once you're there, click ‘Top-up now’.

  2. Choose your service
    Select either electricity or gas from the ‘Service’ menu, depending on which meter you want to top up. Then click 'Next'.

  3. Give us your reference number and contact details
    We'll ask you for your smart Pay As You Go card number. If you haven't got your card to hand, contact us and we'll give this to you over the phone.

    You can also give us your email address and phone number. If we've got your email address, we'll be able to send you a receipt for your top-up payment.

  4. Enter your payment details and confirm
    Next, you'll need to enter your payment details. You've got the option of paying by credit or debit card.

    At this point, you can also let us know how much you'd like to top up. Once you're done, select ‘Confirm and pay’.

  5. Check your confirmation
    We'll show you a confirmation of your top-up and you'll have the option of printing a receipt if you need to.

    If you've given us an email address, we'll email you a copy, too. The email will include a top-up code to use if your payment doesn't reach your meter.

A PayPoint receipt with the top-up code section highlighted in red

Top up in store

You can also top up over the counter at Post Office branches and PayPoint outlets across the UK. Just look out for the PayPoint sign outside the store.

You'll need your smart Pay As You Go card (or just your smart Pay As You Go card number) with you.

You'll be given a receipt when you top-up.

It's important you keep hold of this. It will show your top-up code which you may need to use if your payment doesn't reach your meter or you need to add your credit more quickly.

Top up with a top-up code

If you've waited more than 40 minutes and your credit still hasn't appeared, you can top up by entering a code instead.

You can either enter the code into your Smart Energy Tracker, or directly into your smart meter.

If you're entering the code directly into your smart meter, you can use one of our downloadable guides in the “Related documents” section below.

Here's what you'll need to do if you're using your Smart Energy Tracker:

  1. On the main menu, choose either ‘Electricity’ or 'Gas', depending on which meter you want to top-up.
  2. Select ‘Your account’, then 'Your top-ups' and finally ‘Top-up now’.
  3. Enter your top-up code by using the up and down arrows to select each number. Press ‘OK’ when you're ready to move to the next digit. Once you've entered all the numbers, press and hold 'OK' to submit the code.
  4. You'll now see a ‘Top-up accepted’ message on the screen. This will also show you the amount you've topped up and how much credit you have on the meter in total.

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