Smart metering means you’ll not only get more accurate bills, but you'll have more information about how you use energy in your home too.

Taking readings on your smart meter

Your smart meter is constantly ‘talking’ to us. This means your bills are based on actual readings and are accurate. You shouldn't need to send us meter readings, but if you ever need to, here's how to read your smart meter:

Gas meter with annotations identifying button A and button B

Gas meters

To take the reading from your gas meter, you'll need to press a button to wake up the meter. Depending on your meter, it'll be either an OK button, a red “A” button or a round button between two arrowed buttons. The reading will appear on the screen. As your gas meter is powered by a battery, the screen will go blank after a short while to save power.

Electric meter with annotations identifying button A and button B

Electricity meters

On most electricity smart meters, the screen will show your meter reading as standard. If you see a row of zeros, wait six to ten seconds for the screen to show your meter reading. On some meters, you may need to press the OK button or button A to show your reading.

How often we take your smart meter readings

We'll take your readings half-hourly, daily or monthly depending on your smart data consent choice and will write to you every year to let you know how often we collect your smart data. If you want to change this at any time, just get in touch with us.

If your gas meter screen is blank

Your gas meter is battery powered so to save power the screen will be blank. To take a reading from your gas meter, press the round button between the two arrowed buttons and the reading will show on screen. After 30 seconds the screen will go blank again.

If you change supplier after we've fitted your smart meter

If you leave us to join a new supplier, they may not be able to fully support your smart meters. Always check your chosen supplier, before you switch. If we've installed a newer version smart meter (second generation), it may keep its smart benefits when you switch.

Saving Energy

We've got tips and advice to reduce your energy usage in our Smart Meter Handbook. We also have pages about energy and efficiency elsewhere on our website.