Smart Pay As You Go meter customer?

We have a guide for you, including help with topping up online.

If you need to top up your Pay As You Go meter

You can top up your Pay As You Go meter by taking your gas card or electricity key to your nearest Paypoint or Post Office branch. We have information on how you can check the amount of credit you have left on your meter and accessing emergency credit if you need it.

If you need emergency credit

If your Pay As You Go meter runs out of credit unexpectedly, we can lend you emergency credit until you’re next able to top-up.

Extra help topping up your emergency credit

If your emergency credit runs out, please top up as soon as possible. If you're unable to top up, we may be able to offer further support. The easiest way is to use our form. You'll need to pay back any credit you borrow, but we can spread the cost so you pay back a little bit at a time. We’ll make sure your repayment plan is affordable.

If you’ve lost your key/card

You can use our form to request a new key/card. It’s important that you contact us so you can continue topping up your Pay As You Go meter. Depending on your circumstances, we can send you a new key/card in the post or give you a code to collect a new one from a local outlet.

If your Pay As You Go meter isn’t working

If you think you may have a faulty meter, we can take you through the steps to identify the problem and look at how we can fix it. Depending on the fault, you may have to call us or we may have to visit you to fix your meter.

Removing your Pay As You Go meter

We may be able to remove your Pay As You Go meter and replace it with a credit meter. This will give you more tariffs to choose from and more payment options. You can find out more about what we do to make sure you’re eligible and the benefits of changing your meter type.

Tired of having to top up in-store?

Upgrade to a smart Pay As You Go meter and you’ll be able to top up on the go with our SSE Top-Up app. But that’s not all. With a smart Pay As You Go meter you can also:

  • See the exact cost of the gas and electricity you're using in real time
  • Top up gas and electric credit online anytime
  • Get your credit added remotely, so you don't need to do anything with your meter
  • Make use of our friendly credit periods, where we keep your supply on if you run out of credit overnight or at the weekend
  • Activate emergency credit direct from your In-Home Display