Making changes to your meter and supply


If you're planning an extension and need to change the location of your meter, we're here to help.

If you need your meter replaced or moved, we'll need your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). You'll find this 21-digit number on your electricity bill, starting with 'S'. Once we have this, we'll book an appointment to carry the work out.

Any work including the cables running up to your meter will be carried out by your local network operator. This includes getting a new supply and getting a supply moved or removed.

Once your network operator has done any work relating to the cables, we'll come and carry out work with your meter.

For the internal wiring of your home (anything after the meter), you'll need to contact a qualified electrician.


Contact us for any queries about moving your gas meter or adjusting your supply. We may need to pass your details on to your local gas network operator to deal with your query.

Meter box repairs

Keep your meter box in good condition to protect the meter inside. If your meter box gets damaged then it’s usually your responsibility to fix it. However, if your meter box was damaged by a meter reader then contact us so we can help. If it was damaged by your local electricity distribution company, you’ll need to contact them. You can find the number to contact them in the front of your phone book.