Have you recently moved to a home that we don’t supply? Or maybe you’ve found a gas or electricity deal with another energy supplier that you can't resist? Whatever your reason is, we’ll be sorry to see you go. If there’s something we can do to change your mind and keep you as a valued customer, then please let us know.

We understand that sometimes there’s nothing we can do or say to help convince you to stay with SSE, and so, we want to help by providing you with all the info you need to make leaving us as simple as possible.

If you're moving or have recently moved home, you can let us know online.

How to let us know you’re leaving

When you sign up with a new energy supplier, they’ll tell us that you’re leaving our supply and will send us your opening meter reading close to the start date. We’ll then begin the process of working out the balance on your account to determine if we still owe you money or you owe us money.

Don’t forget that you have a 14 calendar day cooling off period from the day you signed up with your new energy provider to cancel your switch and stay with SSE if you change your mind.

How long does the switch to a new supplier take?

If you've already signed up with your new supplier, you probably want to begin to be supplied by them as soon as possible. You can use the list below to give you an idea of what you can expect and how long things will take.

  1. Sign up with you new supplier

    Once you've signed up with a new supplier, they’ll let us know and we will then begin the process of closing your account.
  2. Your new supply starts

    If all goes well, you can usually expect to begin being supplied by your new supplier no more than 21 days after you signed up with them.
  3. We get your opening readings

    Close to your start date, your supplier will ask you for your opening meter readings. They'll then send these to us so we can calculate your final bill.
  4. We issue your final bill

    If you're due a refund from us, it should reach your bank account 14 days after you receive your final bill from us.

Frequently asked questions

What if I owe SSE money?

If you don’t have a Pay As You Go meter and there's an outstanding balance, we may object to you leaving our supply. If this happens we’ll contact you to let you know.

It’s simple to pay your energy bills using your SSE online account. Just log in to your online account, open the product you want to make the payment for, and choose ‘Make a payment’. You’ll need your debit or credit card details.

You can also visit our How to pay your energy bill page to learn about more ways you can pay your energy bill.

I'm a Pay As You Go customer. What If I owe money?

If you have a Pay As You Go meter and owe less than £500 for either your electricity or gas, then you may be able to switch to a new supplier using the Debt Assignment Protocol. Your new supplier will be able to provide you with further information about this.

Anyone can have trouble paying their energy bills now and then. If you're struggling with your bills, please get in touch so we can help. You can also get help from organisations if you want to talk to someone else about your bills or debts:

  • National Debtline gives independent advice on any debts – call them on 0800 808 4000.

  • StepChange are a leading charity that will help if you're struggling with bills. Call them on 0800 138 1111.

What happens to my Direct Debit when I leave SSE?

If you were paying your SSE account with a Direct Debit, you should leave this in place because if we owe you a final amount, we’ll use your Direct Debit to pay it back to you. If you close your Direct Debit, we’ll have to send you a cheque for any amounts owed to you, which could take a bit longer.

If you have any amount owing to us, we’ll let you know how much it is and when it will be taken off your Direct Debit.

Will I be charged an early exit fee?

The tariff you signed up for with us may be subject to an early exit fee which will be stipulated in your terms and conditions. This means that we reserve the right to charge you an exit fee if you’re ending your contract more than 49 days before your fixed end date.

Your latest bill will show you what Tariff you are on as well as the end date. You can also view your tariff info in your online account.

If you’re on our Standard Tariff, then there’s no exit fee.

Will my smart meter work with my new supplier?

Some smart meters will lose their smart capabilities when you switch energy suppliers which means they’ll not be able to automatically submit your meter reading to the supplier and in effect will become a ‘dumb’ meter, requiring you to manually submit your meter readings on a regular basis.

Generation 1 (SMETs1) meters require an update to the software which is currently taking place as part of an industry-wide programme, which will allow the meters to keep their smart functionality after you switch. Generation 2(SMETs2) meters will be able to keep their smart functionality after your switch has completed.

You can submit your meter readings in seconds using the My SSE App

Do I need to submit my meter readings?

Your new supplier will ask for you to submit your opening meter readings to them closer to your new start date. The reading you submitted will then be verified by the central database that is used by all energy suppliers.

There’s no need for you to submit your closing meter readings to SSE.

Why stay with SSE?

  1. Three Uswitch Energy Awards in 2021

    We've been awarded three Uswitch Energy Awards in 2021, including being named best large supplier for Best Customer Service category.

  2. Easy-to-use mobile app

    Our My SSE app is the simple way to manage your energy. You can scan your meter readings, view your usage if you have a smart meter, and check your account balance.

  3. Wide range of tariffs

    Before you leave, you might want to compare our tariffs to see if we can’t give you a better deal.