If you’re trying to find readings or manage the energy in your home, you may have a number of questions around gas and electricity meters. Take a look at the information below on the different meter types available, how to send readings to us, and what to do if you’re having problems with your meter.

In-Home Display dashboard showing readings for gas and electricity

Smart meters

Smart meters are an exciting new type of energy meter that could help you save time, energy and money. Find out more about smart meters and how they work.

Upgrade to a smart meter

Smart meters mean no more manual meter readings. It's your energy usage tracked and displayed, as it happens, in pounds and pence. Book your SSE smart meter appointment today, at no extra cost.

Help with your smart meter

If you’ve already had your smart meter installed, we have a handy guide to help you get the most from it. You can find out how to set energy targets and make changes to be as energy efficient as possible.

Different types of gas and electricity meters

There are a number of meter types used in the UK. You can find all the information you need on how to find your readings for each one. The different types are:

  • Standard meters
  • Evening and Weekend meters
  • Economy meters
  • Total Heating, Total Control meters
  • Storage Heating Control meters
  • Flexiheat and Superdeal meters
  • Electric heating meters

Pay As You Go meters (or prepayment meters)

A Pay As You Go meter (also known as a prepayment meter) allows you to pay for your gas and electricity as you use it. You won't receive a bill from us and it helps you to budget for your energy use. You can find out more about Pay As You Go meters and how they can help you budget your energy use.

How to read your gas or electricity meter

It's always handy to know how to read your gas or electricity meters. You can see how much energy you’re using and give us reads to make your bills more accurate. Read our article to find out what type of meter you have, and what they look like, so you’ll know exactly how to read your meter.

Submitting your meter reading

We have all the information you need on how to submit your readings to us online or over the phone. You can also find out about smart meters, which automatically record your meter readings and send them to us.

MPAN (electricity) and MPRN (gas) supply numbers

You may need your MPAN and MPRN to switch your energy supply, or when moving home. We have the information you need on what your MPAN or MPRN is, and where to find them.

What to do if your electricity meter is leaking a hot or cold substance

If your electricity meter is leaking, it’s important to get in touch straight away. Our guide to leaking electricity meters has all the information you need, including who to contact, and what to do if the leaking substance is either hot or cold.

How to move your meter box

If you want to move your meter box, get in touch. A meter must be moved by us or another qualified engineer. This article explains how it’s determined who will do the work, and what a meter move may cost.

Reporting energy theft

If you’re worried about energy theft, please let us know as soon as possible. It’s not only a crime, it can be fatal. Find out how to contact us, and other organisations you can speak to about energy theft.

What you need to know

No more manual meter readings

We rely on a mobile phone or wireless signal to get your smart meter readings. If these fail, you'll either need to take your own reading and send it to us, or your bills will be estimated.