The Feed-In Tariff scheme is now closed

The Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) scheme is designed by the UK Government to encourage people to use renewable energy to power their homes. If you install an eligible renewable energy system, you could be paid for the electricity that you generate.

The UK Government closed the scheme on 1st April 2019. No new applications after this date will be accredited. You can find out more information on the Ofgem website.

Please note that if you were a FITs customer before this date, you remain on the scheme and will receive your agreed payments.

You can apply for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is an alternative to the Feed-in-Tariff scheme. If you’re eligible, you can get paid for any extra renewable energy you generate from sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

If you are a FITs customer, you may find it beneficial to transfer from FIT to SEG, depending on your current FIT agreement. You’d just need to let us know your current FIT provider when you transfer to the SEG tariff.

How to give us FIT meter readings

The easiest way to give us readings is to use our Feed-In Tariff meter read form. It only takes a couple of minutes. Please note that you should only use this online form if we've asked you for readings. Please don't use it to give us your start readings.

You can also email us at or give your meter readings by phone on 0345 071 7827. We're here 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

What are the current Feed-In Tariffs scheme rates, payments and charges?

The rate you get depends on the technology you use and the amount of electricity you generate. Once you’ve started receiving FIT payments, you’ll receive them for up to 20 years. The rate you get will change in line with inflation in accordance with the Retail Price Index (RPI). You can visit Ofgem for a list of the most current Feed-In Tariffs scheme rates, payments, and charges.

You can also find out more about other schemes and things you can do to save energy in your home.

How do I send a complaint about my Feed-In Tariff?

We hope you're happy with your Feed-In Tariff and the service we provide. But if you have a problem, you can call to let us know. The Government has produced two documents to help you with complaints about the Feed-In Tariff scheme. These are the Feed-In Tariff complaints process paper and the Feed-In Tariff complaints process leaflet.