What is Green Deal?

Green Deal is a financial scheme that helps people to make energy-saving home improvements to their homes.

When someone signs up to the Green Deal scheme, they take out a loan to cover some or all of the cost of the home improvements and pay it back through their energy bill.

This scheme was originally set up and funded by the government, however this is no longer the case and funding is now provided independently.

To find out more information and to get a Green Deal assessment, you can contact a Green Deal provider or assessor who can advise how your property could benefit from these improvements.

How Green Deal payments work

If you have Green Deal improvements, you’ll be paying for them through your electricity bill.

We add the agreed monthly charge to your bill. The monthly charge is shown on your original quote.

If you move house

Green Deal stays with the property, not you as an individual.

It’s always the electricity bill payer who is responsible for paying off the Green Deal.

This means that if you move, the new owner and occupier would take on the repayments. This is because the new occupants will be benefitting from the improvements.

In a rented property the tenant will be responsible for repaying the Green Deal, providing they are responsible for paying for their electricity directly. The landlord is responsible for the Green Deal when the property is vacant.

Other government grants and schemes to help with your bills

If you’re on a low income, the Warm Home Discount scheme is a government scheme that offers financial assistance to people most in need of help paying their energy bills.

You may also qualify for the Winter Fuel Payment or the Cold Weather Payment.

Head over to the gov.uk website for more information and to see if you qualify.