Green Deal

Green Deal was a government scheme that helped people with improvements to make their homes more energy efficient.

You can't apply for Green Deal any more as the scheme is now closed to new applications.

When someone signed up to Green Deal, they took out a loan to cover some or all of the cost of energy efficient improvements. They pay the loan back in instalments through their electricity bill.

You can visit for more details. You'll find a link at the bottom of the page.

How Green Deal payments work

If you had Green Deal improvements before the scheme closed, you'll be paying for them through your electricity bill.

We add the agreed monthly charge to your bill. The monthly charge is shown on your original quote.

If you move house

Green Deal stays with the property; not you as an individual.

This means that if you move, the new owner would take on the repayments. This is because they'd benefit from the improvements.

Likewise, if you move into a property with Green Deal set up, you'll take on the repayments.