Save energy and you can save money - as well as helping the environment. It doesn't take long to do it either. There are lots of easy ways to save energy. Our energy saving tips and advice will help you on your energy saving journey.

First, find out how much energy you're using

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You can't see where you're going unless you know where you started from!

Take a look at how much electricity and gas you use at the moment. Read your meters regularly and keep a note of the readings so you know how you're doing. Don't forget to give them to us too! You can give us your readings whenever you like through your online account. If you don't have one yet, you can register for one now.

Smart meters make it even easier to keep on top of what you're using with a handy in-home energy tracker. We'll contact you when we're fitting them in your area, but you can find out more about smart meters now.

Time for a quick survey

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Let's kick things off with our energy efficiency survey. Just answer some questions about your home and we'll give you a personalised checklist of changes that could save energy.

Now, try some small ways to save

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Did you know turning your heating down by just one degree can save you around £60 a year?

And that having a full freezer can save you 40% on the energy it uses?

Our guide to "Helping you save energy and money" has over 50 ways to save and you can start using it today. Use the link at the bottom of the page to download it or print it off to keep it handy. There are energy saving ideas for every part of your home so you can makes changes to your lighting, heating, cooking and more. We even show you how much energy your appliances use.

Think about bigger changes

All the little savings add up, but bigger changes can bump your energy saving into a high gear.

Fit loft and cavity wall insulation

You've probably heard how improving the insulation in your home can save you money. As up to 60% of your homes' heat is lost through your roof and walls, it's easy to see why! Check out our guides to loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Get a new A-rated boiler

If you're thinking of getting a new boiler or appliance, go for ones with an energy efficiency rating of A+ or higher. These are the most energy efficient. We offer great deals on A+ rated boilers and a free, no-obligation quote.

Generate your own renewable energy

Have you ever thought of making your own energy? Solar panels, wind power and ground-source heat pumps are all options to think about. You could even make enough energy to sell what you don't use back to a supplier via a Feed-in Tariff.

And if you need a hand, there's plenty of help

There are lots of organisations that can help you to save energy including: