My home is connected to a Community Energy Centre – what does that mean?

Your heating and hot water comes from an on-site energy centre feeding hot water to the Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in your home.

The energy centre contains all the equipment needed to generate, store, pump and control the site-wide heating system. This includes a Combined Heat and Power engine (CHP) – a modern and efficient way of producing energy that helps to reduce carbon emissions.

How does my meter work?

Your heat meter sends us accurate readings of the energy you use. You can see how much energy you're using on the Customer Display Unit on your HIU.

If you question the accuracy of any heating meter, we'll carry out an inspection and the meter may be sent for testing. If the meter is faulty, you won't be charged for testing and we'll refund the cost of any heat charged in error. If the meter is accurate, you must pay the cost of the test.

How does my cooling work?

Some homes also have cooling provided by the community system. Chilled water is piped from the energy centre, cooling your home via fan coil units.

What are the benefits of a Community Energy System?

We include maintenance – and eventual replacement – of the HIU and meter in our charges. There are no hidden extras or emergency charges.

If there's a problem with your heating supply and the fault isn't caused by you, there will be no additional charges to fix it.

The HIUs in your home provide heating and hot water instantly on demand, so there's no hot water cylinder and less heat loss.

We use smart metering, so you're only charged for the heat and cooling you use, with no estimated readings.

We'll regularly inspect your HIU and meter to make sure they are working efficiently.