What equipment is in my home?

Your home is fitted with a Heat Interface Unit (HIU), a heat meter and, if we supply your cooling, a cooling meter. The meter is part of the HIU, visible on the Customer Display Unit.

Please don't adjust the controls on the HIU as this will affect its efficiency.

Am I responsible for the equipment in my home?

The HIUs and meters are owned by us, but we don't own the radiators, heating programmers or thermostats in your home. If there is a fault with these, please contact your landlord, housing association or a plumber.

Will you need access to my home?

We'll sometimes need access for routine maintenance. If we do need to visit, we'll contact you in advance. We may also need access in an emergency.

What equipment is owned by the company?

We own all the equipment in the energy centre and the heat (and cooling) distribution pipes supplying your property.

We also own the HIU and heat meter in your property.

If your home is supplied with cooling, we only own the cooling meter. We don't own the cooling pipes or the fan coil unit.

How safe is this system?

Our first priority is always safety. Our energy centre has fire and security alarms, which are constantly monitored.

The energy centre can also be monitored remotely by our staff using a Building Management System and we'll make regular on-site visits to check everything is working safely and efficiently.

The HIU in your home doesn't have a gas connection, so there's no risk of a gas leak or the need for gas safety inspections.

How reliable is this system?

Most heat through the year is provided by the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine. Boilers provide back-up heating during cold periods.

The thermal store in the energy centre stores extra heat for use during high demand. It also provides back-up heating and hot water if there is a short term problem with the boilers or CHP engine.

What if I have a problem or fault?

Please call us on 0800 316 2194. Our fault line is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Please note: the HIU contains hot, pressurised water so it's essential that only our staff or contractors work on it. Do not get a plumber to work on the HIU.