What will I pay?

Your heat and cooling price is clearly linked to published domestic energy prices. It's measured by the meter in your home in pence per kilowatt hour (kWh).

To work out your variable heat charges, we calculate the average current domestic Direct Debit gas charges of the six largest suppliers in your area. We apply an efficiency factor to this to convert the gas price to your heat price.

Similarly, we use current domestic Direct Debit electricity charges to set your cooling price.

The ‘standing’ or 'fixed' charge covers our operating costs, including equipment in your home and our energy centre. It also covers the cost of our call-out response and customer service facilities.

The capital fund replacement charge pays for the replacement of the energy centre equipment and the Heat Interface Unit and meter in your home when they reach the end of their operating lives.

We review all charges once each year. Actual charges vary slightly from site to site because costs on each network are different.

What is a Direct Customer Agreement?

This is your supply contract with us and sets out our charges. It also gives you information on our Guaranteed Standards and the terms in which we will supply heat, hot water and cooling to you.