It's easy when switching electricity supplier to us, but sometimes having a non-standard meter can make the process a little more tricky.

If you have one of our more complex electricity tariffs and you want to switch energy supplier, your choice of supplier and tariff will be limited. You'll need to contact the supplier you'd like to join to see if they can support your set up. If they can, you'll need to let them know what tariff you're on now. 

If other suppliers can't support your tariff or meter type, you can get your meter changed to a commonly-supported tariff, like Economy 7. This will usually make your electricity switch much easier and give you more options when you compare energy prices, suppliers and tariffs. It could also change how your heating system works, which may mean you lose some functionality.

The size of the change will depend on what tariff and meter set up you have at the moment. With some tariffs the impact will be minor; however, others may see a bigger change. It's best to check whether changing your meter will suit you and your home better before you do it as you can't go back on to certain tariffs if you change your mind.