If you're on one of our all-electric tariffs, we want to make sure you're making the most of it. Different tariffs offer different off-peak times where your electricity will be cheaper. In some cases, it means that your peak-time rate will be more expensive than our standard rate. If you're not making the most of those cheaper times, you could be spending more on your electricity than you need to.

We've got information on the different all-electric tariffs, along with what kind of electric heating they work best with. If your tariff is no longer right for you and your home, we can look at all the options available to you, from switching your tariff to changing your meter.

If you're a multi-rate electricity customer, you may be able to access our single-rate electricity tariffs without any additional cost and without changing your meter. You can get in touch with our Specialist Electric Heating Team and they will be able to let you know which tariffs you can choose from.

If you’d like impartial advice, you can contact Citizens Advice on 0345 404 0506.

Learn about switching supplier while on an all-electric tariff.

Making the most of your storage heaters

Storage heaters are easy to use. Setting the input control decides how much your storage heaters will heat up in the off-peak hours. That gives you the heat to use throughout the day. You'll likely need to set it to maximum in colder winter months, but you should reduce it when you don't need quite as much heat.

The ‘output’ (sometimes called 'boost') sets the room temperature. On a low setting, it allows heat to leave the heater slowly, which is ideal if you're out during the day. On a higher setting, more heat is given out at a faster rate. This should be saved for when you're at home.

Turn it back to the lowest setting before you go to bed; doing this will prevent the heat that's being stored up through the night from being released straight away.

Learn more about storage heaters

Making the most of your electric wet radiator system

Electric wet radiator systems work in a similar way to gas or oil central heating systems. The boiler uses electricity to heat water that gets pumped around the radiators in your home. The water in your tank is also heated using electricity, rather than oil or gas.

Most radiator systems should have a programmer that controls when the heating and hot water comes on and off. In most cases, you'll also have a boost function. This lets you turn on the heating without changing the settings on the programmer. It's handy if you need a quick boost of heating or hot water, but it'll be more expensive if you use it outside of the off-peak times.

Your thermostat sets the temperature of your home. The ideal temperature is usually around 21°C. Some radiator systems have thermostatic radiator valves (known as TRVs) to set the temperature of individual rooms. If you have rooms that aren't used often, you can keep them at a lower heat to save money. Don't turn them off altogether though, as this could lead to dampness from condensation.

Our support for the meters below will end soon

If you have one, we'll be in touch to arrange a meter and tariff upgrade to keep your heating and hot water working.

Or contact our Electric Heating team now to arrange your upgrade.

All-electric tariffs with one meter

If you have a meter with two rates, chances are you're probably an Economy 7 or Domestic Economy customer. They're the most well known of our all-electric tariffs, but they're not the only ones.

Other tariffs that work in a similar way include Heatwise, White Meter, and Evening and Weekend.

These tariffs work particularly well if you have storage heaters (except for Evening and Weekend)

Economy 7 times and other one meter, two rate tariffs

Smart Economy 9 is a tariff with two rates for people with electric heating and a smart meter. It'll give you peak and off-peak rates for your electricity at specified times throughout the day.

Read about our Smart Economy 9 tariff

If you have an electric wet radiator system, you're more likely to be on Economy 10. It also works with ceramic core heaters. The times for Economy 10 vary depending on where you live.

Find out how Economy 10 works

We also have two three-rate tariffs, Superdeal and Flexiheat, which are exclusive to customers in certain areas of southern England.

Information on Superdeal and Flexiheat

If you have a highly energy efficient home in Scotland with an all-electric heating system, you might be on Total Living Control

Learn more about Total Living Control

All-electric tariffs with two meters

Some of our all-electric tariffs work with two meters. You'll usually have one meter for your heating and hot water, and the other meter for all your other electricity usage.

All of our two-meter, all-electric tariffs work best with storage heating.

Like some of our other tariffs, many two-meter set ups are no longer available. If you decide that one of these tariffs isn't suitable for you anymore and switch to another tariff, you won't be able to go back on your original tariff later.

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More information on our Restricted Hours tariffs

Find out about Total Heating with Total Control (THTC) and other two meter tariffs