Your energy bill gives you lots of information about your gas and electricity.

It shows how we work out what you've used, if you've got an estimated meter reading and payments you've made. We'll even tell you if you could save money by changing your tariff or the way you pay.

What's on your bill

On page one

  • Your account number – your account number is on the right hand side of page one. If you contact us, have it to hand to help us find your account. You'll also need it to register for an online account.
  • Your billing address – if this is different from where we send your bill, we'll put this on the first page.
  • If your meter reading is actual or estimated – if your bill uses an estimated reading, it's a good idea to give us a meter reading.
  • The balance on your account – ‘we owe you’ means your account's in credit. ‘You owe us’ means it's in debit. If you spread the cost of your bills by paying by monthly Direct Debit, your credit will be taken forwards to cover your further bills.
  • If you could pay less – if you could pay less by changing your energy tariff or the way you pay, we'll tell you.

On page two

  • Your payments – see how much you've paid and when you paid it.
  • Your charges – we show the readings we've used to work out your bill, the prices we charge and any additions or discounts. We bill you in kilowatt hours (kWh) and on your gas bill we show how we change the gas units into kWh. All energy suppliers use the same calculation.
  • Information about your tariff – details about the tariff you're on, including when it ends and any exit fees.
  • Supply number or MPRN – your electric bill has a supply number, your gas bill an MPRN. This is the standard number for your supply that suppliers use if you switch.

On page three

  • How much you've used – check what you're using last year compared to this year. With a smart meter, you can compare your usage on your online account.
  • Costs that make up your bill – the pie chart shows what makes up the price you pay for your energy.

On page four

  • Help with complaints – if things go wrong, we want you to know how to get things sorted.
  • Who to contact in an emergency – see who to get in touch with if you have a gas or electric emergency.

Does your bill look higher than usual?

How much energy you use changes over the year. If your bill looks higher than usual it may be because:

  • You have extra appliances using more energy.
  • You have more people living in your home.
  • You have a faulty appliance. If you think something's faulty, get it checked by a qualified electrician.

If you need a few cost cutting ideas, take a look at how you can save energy.

Trouble paying your bill

If you're having difficulties paying your bill, contact us as soon as possible so we can help. And you can find help and support online if you're struggling with your energy bills. The most important thing is to get in touch with us.