We use unique 10-digit account numbers to identify gas, electricity, or phone and broadband accounts. Here’s where to find your account number(s) if you need to.

Your Welcome letter

When you join us as an energy or phone and broadband customer, we’ll send you a Welcome letter either by email if we have your email address or by post. It has lots of useful information including your account number(s). You should get this about a week or so after you sign up.

Your bill or statement

Your account number is on the first page in the top right-hand corner of your bill or statement.

You'll find lots of other useful information on your bill as well, like details about your energy tariff or broadband package, and what costs make up your energy bill.

If you have an online account, you can view your bills and your account number whenever you need to.

We're no longer offering online accounts to our broadband customers. Instead we'll send your bill by email. If you already had an online account setup, you'll see your old bills there, but new ones will be emailed.

If you need to change your broadband Direct Debit details, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Online account dashboard on mobile device with account numbers shown highlighted under account names

Your online account

Just log in to your online account and you’ll find your account numbers on your dashboard with the rest of your account information. If you’re a new customer, you’ll have set up your online account with an email address and password when you signed up.

Don’t have an online account? Register for one now – it only takes a couple of minutes and once you have one you can also:

  • View your bills and make payments
  • Set up or change your Direct Debit
  • Give your meter readings and get an instant-up-to date balance
  • If you’ve got a smart meter, easily track your energy use

If you log in and find you’re missing accounts, you’ll need to add them. In that case, use your bill to find the numbers you need.

Unfortunately, online accounts aren’t available for phone and broadband, Pay As You Go or boiler and heating cover customers.