You can see your bills, get your latest balance and make payments by logging in to your online account.

If you haven’t got an online account yet, all you need to do is register and add your product account numbers.

Viewing your bills online

To see your bills online, log into your account and open the product account you want to see the bills for. Select ‘View your bills’ and you'll see your bills under your 'BILL HISTORY'. Choose ‘Download bill’ next to the bill you want to see and it'll download as a PDF. You can print it off or save it to your device if you want to.

To view older bills, select ‘View more’ at the bottom of your 'BILL HISTORY'. You can only see bills we’ve produced since you registered for an online account and only up to two years worth. If you need to view a bill from before this, please contact us.

Getting an up-to-date balance

You can see your latest balance by giving us an up-to-date meter reading through your online account. The balance will update as soon as you’ve entered the new reading. But you can't give readings for smart meter accounts.

Making payments online

You can make payments online easily through your online account:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Open the product account you want to make a payment for
  3. Choose ‘Make a payment’ and fill in the form

You can make payments as often as you like. So you can pay your bills as you get them or pay off your balance each time you give us an up-to-date meter reading.